come watch a seduction...  

d_lishusdeviant 58M
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3/2/2005 11:10 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

come watch a seduction...

I adore seduction, I love what happens..

here is a post I put a while back I will tell you about the meanderings in another post....

have you ever thought about being seduced, and seducing, being deliciously aroused in a magical confluence of words and images, illuminating feelings, fears, anticipations, lusts, secrets and divine whispers . A luscious sensual communion so effortless and profound that your soul, that preciously hidden, safe walled aspect of your being, dances forth vigorous and alive, vibrating and swirling with a potency, not imagined.

Stand up and walk away from these words now ….. walk in quiet in a small simple circle, and think, feel. come back to this if you have be captured by the marvelous tingle of risk and know,,, you are ready to abandon convention ,, do it, stand up and walk and think.

you have made you choice, a choice of promise. Picture two standing small in front of a vast gray granite wall in front of us now, to the left high wall undulates forever onto the horizon, to the right, it disappears into the clouds as it ascends a steep blue mountain and in front of us, as worn green a small, old wooden door, the we, hand upon hand, open to a world on the other side, a world with limitless vistas, verdant green waving grass, and the potential stirs heat in your belly, thickens the air around you and a playful, mischievous smirk draws apart your lips.

We shall in this journey earn each others trust, offering gifts of words to each other, with earnest grace as if each was a uniquely valuable jewel, sitting high and fulgent atop a plush velvet pillow, to reveal, to show, to parade, to dance , allowing the costumes we wear as men and women, to be folded neatly crisp and placed on the floor, not needed for a time.

And when, at a time in the future, with earned trust, divine and ultimate, we shall consummate in lush sweet darkness of night, no light to see faces, but rather to follow that gift of trust without seeing the other, to let our other senses, take over and radiate their splendorous light , to feel rather than see, that which we have come to know and hold sacred. And in our souls a light that no darkness can destroy.
We shall know each other by the intensity of our presence, felt together for the first time,.
We shall know each other by the heated touch of our bodies flesh ,
We shall know each other by the intoxicating fragrance sensuality has released
We shall know each other by the sweet clean whispers careening in the air
We shall know each other as man and woman, slipping into each other to become one.

cleo19633 54F
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11/23/2007 9:45 pm

Seduction: 1) enticing someone astray from the right behaviour
2) an act of winning the love or sexual favour of someone

I have just read this post. Got me thinking....

Enticing someone astray from right behaviour, I do not think this is correct, as what is the right behaviour? is there one? When two seduce each other it is of mutual consent.

I believe seduction is the second one, the true meaning. That in itself can be a wholly fucking sensation. One could call it the "Dance".

You, truly are the master of this..especially in your words. how you interwined them is like sex in it self. You have put them in every place imaginable. As I read these words. I am truly immersed in the dance. A what a beautiful fucking place that would be.


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