A date...  

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3/12/2005 9:56 am

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A date...

You are a woman in full.

We wan tour lives to life to be rich and full and dazzling, for that is good way to live. We get that I believe by finding others whose energy and company make us better… we need to be able to play and dance and disappear into another’s world without fear, to feel safe and thus bold. We need to have images and smiles and thoughts stay with us… long after we have left the physical presence of that person.. finding those people.. is tough.. but when you do find it.. you respect it and protect it.. for it shall take you to the most marvelous places and that precious one, that is what I have found in you.

When I saw you from afar from the first time,… there was a sense about you, that made me smile, there an aura of mischievous charisma and that was familiar to me… there was in those around you a desire to part of it, delight in some of your energy and I liked seeing that in you, you wear it well, woman, you are remarkable.

I was fascinated by you and wanted to know more... and now, having spent an evening with you and your charisma…. and having you, feel mine, I know it now to be even bigger than I had first thought and that is good

You have left me with amazing images, I fucking adore the images that are in my head.. god so damn rich and tantalizing…and I trust that you have smile , a little gritty smile on your face when you recall the night…

the images I have…

your eyes when you first came down from your place to meet me, the way my breath caught in my throat as I saw, how truly beautiful you are,the way you looked away when I gave you the red red rose, the contented smile on your face, as you curled into me on the couch amidst the boys, the noise and the sweat of the odessey, how you touched my chest.. to feel the strength and power of this man, how I leaned over you.. and brushed against you…

not kissing you, but letting you feel and smell this man,
the way you tore sweat from my head as we danced
how proud I was to have a woman of such beauty on my arm as I walked down the street. I like that, strutting you out.. showing you off..

the lane, the lane, with a street light and noise of the city all about us…. Having you over my knee and spanking your bottom, and feeling… feeling your hands grip tight on my ankles.. grip tighter with each swat… ahhhh, such a beautiful desirable reaction… and the image of us, .. you and I, in the midst of the city… making a world apart..

the dancing in club… watching each other watch others..

letting ourselves fucking go in the lane later, the beautiful beasts fucking alive and rampant and spitting and biting and fighting ..the sluts, fired by a remarkable passion

and you , you in a dirty back lane, with noise of the boys from the pumpjack a few feet away, as you are taken and pressed up against the brick wall… your.. pants being roughly pulled down to expose your perfect fucking bottom, me behind you.. your ass high and ready.. your mind lost to lust and the power that is about to take you the feel of the slick lips of your cunt as I pull them apart and ready you for a fucking and my cock.. the pushed between your legs…. That image , makes me swoon and swoon again

the ride home, your magnificent head and mouth controlled by me, as I weave in and out of traffic…

And then.. the soft kisses good night.. each full and entreating.. we had the harsh, we had the calm and we had the sweet… and we were magnificent in all.

Come precious, I have much more to show you.

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5/3/2005 8:41 pm

Tantalyzing man ..... amazing to simply dream of such a "beast" that no one woman could possibly contain. Amazing to ponder on "his" apparent power of words. Ever DEEEEEP lingering thundering in my loins when read "his" words and view "that" photo, haha. Thank you....for you....whoever you are.

florallei 100F

6/27/2006 12:46 pm

....such mastery over words...to make them dance...swirling in one's mind...can such a beast exist?


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