Day 2  

d4z_1981 36M
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4/2/2006 6:29 pm
Day 2

Well, its 2:09am so it is technically day 2 and im not in the position that i had hoped to be in at all!!!

What a crap fucking evening! Originally there was meant to be 8 of us going out but it worked its way down to just me and dan, and he fucked off at about 9.30pm!! What is it with people??

Bumped into Niki, she didnt really say much to me. i tried to just play it cool and she had a little flirt with me whilst she was working.. The girl is driving me mad! I quite enjoy it!

She was sat down with some friends and I offered to buy her a drink and she kind of blew me off (although she had just got a fresh drink). She asked me if I was staying out tonight and I told her that I wasnt sure as Dan was a boring bastard and was fucking me off again! (Says alot for me doesnt it??). I asked her if she was going to have a drink with me later and she did say yes, and that she needed to go home and get changed from her work gear but would pop over and tell me. She didnt tho, which left me in a bit of limbo.

I stayed until 10pm then had to go home, id been drinking quite heavily in the afternoon again and hit it hard in the pub so I had to go home, I also didnt want to stand there at the bar like a complete loser!

Got home horny as hell and for some unknown reason decided it would be an absolutely fantastic idea to text her and tell her how much I wanted to fuck her brains out and eat her pussy... at the time this seemed excellent to me, although now that Ive slept for a couple of hours and sobered up alot im not thinking the same way. Im out again tonight with ent so i presume she'll be working behind the bar, think the best approach is to just go with it and think 'so what? I do want to fuck you. I dont care if you know.'

I think my thoughts when I was pissed was that she'd come round and let me screw her hard. She told me last Sunday how she wanted to fuck me....

Think im being teased a little.... Im just bothered about making myself look like a desperate prat, but sadly I feel I may just be doing that.... In fact i think im being teased alot... Do you reckon she knows how much...? She definately gives me signals, maybe its because ive been out of the game so long I just can read them too well. Another down point is im still not confident yet. Ive not really had experience at the old flirtying around and playing the filed game for a long long long time and it is quite overwelming at first.

Dont want to get infactuated with her either but its looking like I am, its just the god damn teasing! (Nothing to do with her being gorgeous, blonde and has the peachiest arse Ive ever seen!!). I need another interest and quickly!

Going to go out tonight and try not to think about it too much... might try and go out tue night as well, just text my mate J to see if he fancies a few, not really seen him for a good few months so it will be good to catch up.

I definately need to sit down and sort my head out! Am I doing too much boozing..? I want to have fun, and dont get me wrong, I am... maybe its me feeling slightly guilty because I know my poor ex gf is getting over it too well... shit happens though, I know its cruel but I could have just stayed with her and pretended, and then ended up being miserable and hurting her worse??

Eyes are starting to sting now, its 2:26am and I really need to get some sleep. Ive got a really busy week this week. My new store opens on Thursday and there are alot of very important people milling around that i need to be noticed by.. only problem is my only priority is going getting boozed up!!

What to do, what to do...??

Off to bed I suppose, ive got inventory in my new store tomorrow, im hoping to god im out early but Ive a feeling dave will want me there till 10pm so id best go in early!

Nite nite people, I hope im keeping you informed... lol...


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