Adult Friend Finder - Day 1 (technically day 6)  

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4/2/2006 12:44 am

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Adult Friend Finder - Day 1 (technically day 6)

Its sunay, its 8:53am, ive had fuck all sleep, but on the positive my hangover seems to be going. Had people round last night for the first time (Ive lived here for 4 years!!), thats quite sad isnt it?

Had a good evening until my mates gf's sister came round pissed as a fart arguing on the phone with her bf making lots and lots of noise. For some reason it completely fucked my mood up and I was on a 'feel sorry for myself' trip. I dont think the fac that I was on Vodka red bulls was a good idea when I was just staying in and chilling... 2.30am and im bored out of my brains wanting to go dancing!

Anywho, todays plans are supprisingly going to involve me drinking, again! I think im trying to pretend im not that lonely, I know I am but I'll get over it, I just feel sorry for the old liver! Plans are town at approx 6pm. Meeting up with a girl that Ive had a little fun with last week.. well, I think I am.. ive made myself look like a bit of a desperate cock.. if youve got time the background story is below:

Went out for a drink with a couple of my mates 2 weeks ago, at this point I was still with my gf. id been on jury service so i was finnishing at 4pm so i thought it would be the best opportunity to see my mates and have a laugh (I normally fin work at 9pm you see). Anyway, my mate ent works behind the bar at the Regal moon. He was on until 6pm so i had a drink while Im waiting for him to finnish. Theres a hot blond girl who also works there called niki.. she's only 19 and has an awsome body and is funny as hell. Ent tells me that she's interested in me.. ive quite low self esteem so i was very shocked and buzzing my tits off at the same time.

Ent finnishes at 6pm and so does niki who decides on having a drink with us (my mate sam had turned up by now). Few hours pass and ive been drinking quite a few quite quickly. Ent left us to go and eat which left me sam and niki. sam then decided that he was getting tired and was going home.. (it was 8pm! Wimp).

Obviously this left just me and niki. We had a few drinks together, shared a meal in the pub and had a really good laugh. She wanted to get off home but I suggested to her that we should go up to ents for a bit and then share a taxi home (even though she lives no-where near me!).

Left ents at about 11pm and got a taxi. We chatted and laughed on the way, all I could think of is making a move on her (which was naughty of me as I had a gf). i finally plucked up the courage just before we got to hers and leant over and kissed her. Id forgotten how good a kiss could feel. She looked at me and said 'youve got a gf.' I looked away and felt quite guilty. We pulled up to hers and I kissed her again, I got the cutest smile back and she told me to get her number off ent.

Went home feeling amazing. Couple of little kisses had made me buzz. Back of my mind though was pure guilt. I had been with my gf for over 2 years and was expecting to be with her forever.. now my mind was running wild.

Basically that little kiss made me realise that i wasnt actually happy and that i was just plodding on with my life, the easy option!

That week was long, I could help but think about how I felt..

I was then out with my friends the following Sunday.. I knew full well niki was also out with friends.. to cut a very long story a little shorter we met up later that evening and had a little flirty fun. We were in a classy bar called Trax (not). Anyway, someone spiked niki's drink and she felt really unwell, think it was acid.

She was freaking out so I took her to mine and looked after her. I just tried to keep her calm and made sure that she knew where she was and that she was safe, I even had to take pictures off my wall in the living room!

We ended up being up pretty much all night. She started to come down and her head cleared. We chatted for an hour or two and then began kissing. (I was still with my gf!). We had some rather hot hot kisses and some very erotic actions (all that involved being clothed and no sex, how mad!). All in all we had a good laugh, a good kiss and finally fell asleep in bed at 5.30 am.

The next day (Monday) I took her home, gave her a kiss and left. I then split with my gf, didnt tell her the 100% truth why, just that Id realised that I loved her, but wasnt in love.

Met up again with niki on Tuesday. She ended up back at mine and we kissed again, still no sex or anything that way).

She said she'd txt me the next day. Didnt get a text but saw her wed evening and she said she'd no credit, that she was getting some thurs and would text me.

Text her Thursday, still no reply... "Try and get sum credit 2mora hun. Wud b nice to get a reply! if u can pop up sat nite it wud b nice to c u, no worries if you cant. C u weekend hun x daz" Thought to myself 'fine, if your not interested so what.. i'll not bother.'

Went out for a couple on Friday, she was working behind the bar. Had a bit of a laugh, got drunk, went home. Sent her the following.. "Dont want to be blunt but if ure interested let me know. Sure uve pretty much an idea bowt me. If I dont hear from you then all the best x daz"

Definately know I shouldnt have put the last sentence on it, now I havent had a reply and I feel like a bit of a prat to be truthful! I think its more the desperation aspect that i feel stupid about.. no-one likes desperate do they...


So yeah, thats the background to why im currently sat here writing this rather long effort...

Think im pretty much done here, if youve read all this then wow! ive talked some crap!

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of.. "Daz makes himself look like a desperate cunt!"

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