I already know...  

czyswt1 39F
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9/6/2006 8:21 pm
I already know...

I already know this post is going to sound like I'm whining, but I really don't care.

It's a damn shame to go around like this, almost like I'm yearning for sex. I am not really yearning for it, but it sure the hell would be nice. For the past 2 weeks, it's all that has been on my mind, when I'm not working. It's slightly annoying because I already know that I really can't do anything about it (having a 4 year old to take care of and lack of babysitters), but me walking around thinking about it really doesn't help matters, either.

I think I have way too much pent up frustration and I need to find an outlet to get rid of some of it cause it's going to drive me crazy. Yeah, having sex would be the simple resort, but it's kinda hard to do.

But, sometimes I wonder if it's sex that I honestly need. I wonder if just being around a guy and having that time to cuddle and have a conversation with a guy would help ease some of this frustration. I think some nice human companionship would help ease some of that frustration, but there is honestly no telling. It's been so long (April 2005) since I did anything sexual or non-sexual (kissing and such) with a guy.

Hell, I'll figure something out, but I just needed to vent for a few.

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