hello ladies  

cyrano31m 44M
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9/22/2005 10:02 pm

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11/20/2009 2:00 pm

hello ladies

guys today seem to be at a loss. i have had several conversations with women that have gone along the lines of what pleases them. Yes fella even size sometimes doesn't matter, * according to one woman* so no matter how big you are if you can't keep the blood flowing she soon will be knowing.
but i digress, ladies let us guys know some tidbits, on what pleases you, during any phase of sex or foreplay. What gets your motor humming to the point that you want to just jump up and scream thank you almighty man in heaven for this night. you never know you might meet the guy who read something you said and make it even better if you connect.

itsybitty 41F

12/25/2006 7:57 pm

Ok well here goes what gets my blood flowing.It all has to start with a kiss the kiss is very important maybe one of the most important to me.If the kiss melts me then more than likely you will move on to the next phase...lol...but without that melting kiss there's no way that its going to happen.Then I would have to say the way he touches me the way his hand feels on my back when he pulls me close for more passionate kisses.Oh and when he stands behind me and kisses my neck while his hands are exploring my body OMG that turns me on so much.Oh and when I am undressed slowly form behind mmmmm that sets me on fire.And yes it does matter to me about size a little I mean come on be honest ladies no one really wants a man thats to small for her I mean you do want to at least know hes there.Has to be at least 6in nothing under that.But we are all untitled to our opinions maybe it doesn't matter to some but it sure does to me Oh yeah and for all you men that may read this Please make sure your lady gets off before you do I mean sometimes I know it happens but come on we all know that it may take a little while for him to want to come out and play again and most of the time the mood is ruined by then.Oh yeah and I have to add I really like to be gone down on thats really what sets me on fire but you have to know what your doing down there or you will get the boot...lol...ok well I think I have said enough maybe this will help some of you men on your next venture with a true woman remember its all about passion and the kiss

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