thinking of anther while having sex  

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7/22/2005 11:37 am

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thinking of anther while having sex

i was having sex with my current girlfriend tho i was thinking about the time i ha sexy with a friend.

well me and my friend her name is kate so will call her that from now on, so me and kate we both liked each other but never dated we just hung out. well at her b-day party, things got a little hot to say the least i took her V on her pool table, well that sorta just blew away an it wasnt that great, well 6 months latter she calls me an said hey wanta hang out, so i say yea, i go pick her up and take her back to my house. and we ended up sleeping togeather again, tho this time it was the greatest sex i have ever had! it was kinky wild and fun, and i found out that she is the only give to ever put my ick all the way in her mouth ( that excited me ) but anyways it was just like wow.

so the other night me and my current girlfriend were having sex but i was thinking of kate.... and now i feel wrong,

me nad my grilfriend have sex 5-7 times a week andd to be honest nothing exciting happens just the same ol boreing things ova and ova she isnt into new things or kinky. i bought her hand cuffs about 4 months ago never been used i mean things like that. shouldnt something change?

can anyone tell me weather or not that was just wrong or weather it was ok.

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