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2/14/2006 3:56 am

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my first post

so here's my deal-

i'm a man. turning 22 on feb. 22.

my life got crazy on november 13, 2004

after getting a ride home from a person, I invited the man inside to hang out with my friends even though we had never met. he pulled out a gun and demanded everything we had. I ran out the back door then back around the front and tackled him, getting shot twice in the process...I got the gun away and as the police said "restrained" the suspect with 4 of my friends. I walked back outside and laid down....

When I woke up I was stitched literally from "my nuts to my nipples" . The gun had fired 3 rounds at me, all hollow point shells. I first entered through my ribcage and exited near my spine out the back. The second bullet fragmented and went through, coming out my back. The third bullet got stuck in the gun.

I'm happy to be alive and I don't forget why I'm here -- because I'm lucky. But maybe luck is just a reward for trying to be a decent person. I think back to that night and remember waiting outside and deciding whether or not to go back into the house. It wasn't really a choice. My friends were inside the house and I knew the robber was still in there with the gun. If I had to do it again, I still wouldn't hesitate.

Alright so long story short i'm at a hotel now waiting for the sentencing of this kid. He has a very long sheet and has skipped the last two court dates. Let me make this more clear --- the guy who shot me is still out on the street. He has never been in jail. The last two court dates were supposed to be his sentencing but he didn't show up --- you can google his name, it's "Brian Mincieli".

Anyway once this shit is over I'll be so much happier. Huge load off my back.. Plus I'll finally get all those "compensatory damage" checks from his family that my lawyer keeps promising.....hahah

See you in Costa Rica, then Europe, then Asia!

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