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curry1111 57M/48F
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3/25/2006 8:27 am

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12/22/2006 6:39 am

dogging fun

hi to let you all know how dogging can be lots of fun . me and cuckholder thought we would give it a try has we heard there was a dogging site near us near to epping forest . i dressed in stockings booots and a g string with just a coat over the top and we set off both very excited what might happen . when we got to the spot there was about 6 cars all ready there .we parked up put on the interior light on and i removed my coat . john started sucking my tits and i watched some guys walking over to the car . they all came over to the passenger side . ilooked out and smiled i then noticed they was all holding there cocks in there hands .john stopped sucking my tits and told me to open the passenger door and turn around and face them which i did .the guys all approached me and when the 1st when was near enough i got hold of his cock and started to give him a wank . the next minute i had another cock in my other hand . after a few mins wanking them i took the 1st one who came over cock in my mouth and proceeded giving him a blow job .during this a guy went around to johns side and asked him did i fuck as well which john replied i did the guy shouted to the others she fucks as well boys ! at this moment the guy cum in my mouth ! he hurriedly put his cock away and hurried off . i carried on wanking the other guy there was now about 7 guys around the car and i noticed they was all putting condoms on . iwas know gagging for a cock inside me . a guy came over and said this is the best way for fucking and grabbed my hand and got me out the car and one of the sat in the passenger seat . the guy who got me out the car said just bend over and suck his cock which i did he hadnt put a condom on the next moment i could feel a cock pushing in to my cunt it felt massive !! over the next 45 mins ijust felt different cocks going in and out of me and 4 different guys changed places in the passenger seat all managed to cum in my mouth but i think they all had condoms on when fucking me !i found it a real turn on being fucked by complete strangers ! all the time this was going on john just kept wanking and urging the guys to fuck me harder ! after the last guy had finished fucking me they just put there cocks away and said thanks for a great night and told john what a lucky guy he was with such a horny wife ! they then all headed back to there cars . i dont know how many fucked me but i looked down when putting my coat on and there muet have been at least 10 condoms scattered on the forest floor !as we drove home john was feeling my soaking cunt at every chance and has he was the only one who hadnt cum i gave hi a blow job while he drove us home and he was the last one to cum in my mouth that nite!!!!!was you one of those guys lol nikki


5/26/2006 4:05 pm

nikki, i wish i was!! that kinda thing is sooo exciting!! what a turn on, playing like that! i enjoy playing in public, or anywhere!! read my blog.

brad09227 49M

6/12/2006 6:28 am


Sounds like fun;;; HOPE TO HEAR MORE FROM YOU

Ciao, Bbrad09227

rm_actionchan69 38M
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6/13/2006 8:34 am

Wow! Curry what a great experience! I wish I was there! Do you ever get near essex? I'd love to meet up with you when you dog, where do u go?

MaaraBe 45M/44F  
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5/18/2008 4:04 am

wow, always sexy and exciting.....



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