caught by cuckholder  

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3/10/2006 2:23 pm

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caught by cuckholder

hi all cuckholder as told me to tell you all of what happened monday .he went to usual about 11.30 i felt horny . had a play with my dildo but just made me hornier and wanting a cock. so i dressed up slutty short skirt , hold up stockings , boots , low top no bra ,etc ! and went to a pub where i knew a lot of black guys went . was only in there 5mins before 2 black guys were chatting me up and buying me drinks .after about 2hrs i made my move because i was gagging for cock after the drink .so i said i had to go . they asked can we cum with you and laughed .they looked surprised when i said why not cum with me and laughed ! within 2mins i was in there car taking me home and left my car there . when we got indoors there hands were all over me as soon as i closed the door . they stripped me down to my stockings and boots before i led them into the bedroom ! i looked at the clock and new i had 2 hours before cuckholder would be home . the next 2 hours flew by as i had the biggest cock i have ever had about 10ins he said and the other guy was a nice 8ins as well .i just kept sucking the guy with 10ins every time he cum to get him hard again so he would fuck me again !and all the time the other guy just wanted to keep licking me but he did fuck me once !during all this as i was just cumming for the 4th time i heard a sound at the bedroom door and YES as i was sucking a 10in black cock and a 8in cock fucking me cuckholder was standing there watching it all ! i looked at him looked at the clock and 3 hours had passed !! i only meant to have kept them there 4 two hours . the guys never heard him and wondered why i suddenly stopped . i just nodded to the door and when they looked i could feel the guys cock inside me go soft and the guys cock which was in my mouth go soft and my cunt start drying up .i looked at the door again and cuckholder was gone . i just told the guys to go but had to have a feel of that 10in cock as he got dressed ! as i led to the door i was wondering what cuckholder was going to say ! as i closed the door after letting the guys out and turned around there he was standing there with his cock out hard as a rock mmmm ! all he asked was did they wear condoms ! i had to say no has he would have asked where they were .he said GREAT AND LAYED ME DOWN IN THE HALL AND GREATEST LICK I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!looks like i will be back in the pub next monday !!!! lol nikki

(fariddd )

7/12/2006 7:28 pm

that was great. you are both very lucky and I must make sure I get to meet you during my next trip to the UK.

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