like a swing door, freedom goes both ways  

Orally_Corrupt 33F  
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4/7/2006 1:07 am
like a swing door, freedom goes both ways

Well, I've kinda abandoned this place for a more live sexploration. But, upon returning to the fake sextivity I was hit with a quandary. I expected to find some creeps on here(and I have), but I just had a guy send me a message asking if I would make him wear a condom, were we to get together. My first instinct was to be disgusted and offended. I felt like he thought I was stupid to fall for something like that which could jeopardize my health and safety, not to mention his. And then I started thinking that I didn't really have a right to feel that way. Don't get me wrong, they will always wear protection. ALWAYS!!! But, one thing that I like about this place is your ability to state your desires and wants out front rather than in the real world where you worry about reputations and opinions. The freedom of expression to communicate so refreshingly frank with everyone is to be envied. However. I still have apprehensive feelings. Like, I seem to think that others might not play fair and I guess I've just gotta work on that whole judgment thing. I tend to take that whole egocentric 'If I don't want to hear it, then don't say it' view that I hate to see in others. After all freedom really is lovely in it's fairness. It goes both ways. I'm free to ask, and they're free to say no. So ask questions you probably already know the answers to, proposition that lovely piece, and take pictures if she'll let you. That's all for this rather boring little ramble. Ok, buh-bye. btw, i hadn't realized that bisexual was a mood. the things you learn on the internet

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