friday night  

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3/20/2006 9:14 am
friday night

You were going to be alone Friday night and asked if I wanted to come over. I gladly accepted your invitation and after work we went for dinner and a couple of drinks. We then stopped at the video store and picked out a good X-rated movie. We got to your house and it was just getting dark out. The sun was setting beautifully in the west. I was wearing a pair of shorts and a summer top. I had taken my bra off at the restaurant so my tits were hanging loose. You ran to your bedroom and changed into some sweat pants and took your shirt off. When you came out I was just putting the movie in. “Go ahead and start without me, I’m going to pop up some popcorn,” you say. And then disappear into the kitchen. I start the movie and kick back on the couch. A couple minutes later you enter the room and I am already butt naked. My fingers playing gently with my clit.

I stop when you walk into the room and sit up as you sit next to me. “You look better tasting than this popcorn, don’t stop on my account,” you say with a smirk. “Oh no, I’m not, I was just getting it warmed up” I reply. We lay down on the couch together and cuddle, you on your back and me on my side resting my head on your chest, as we watch the movie. It wasn’t long before my hips started to grind into your leg and our hands started to explore each other’s body. I reach down into your sweat pants and found your flaccid cock and started to slowly stroke it at the same speed my hips were circling and grinding against your thigh. My hand stroking your now hard cock then my hand runs up your stomach and my fingers run through the hair on your chest. Your hand runs down through my hair and down my back, finally resting on my tight ass and giving it a squeeze. I looked up at you as you looked down and our lips were like magnets to steel. Pressing tightly, with our tongues licking each other’s. Our breathing starts to increase as we both become turned on with the feel of each other’s body. Your hand comes up and holds my head by my ear as we continue to kiss passionately. Your hand then slides down to my shoulders, squeezes it softly and continues on its way to find my firm breast. Covering my breast, squeezing it gently, I moan in response as our lips press even tighter.

My hand travels back down your stomach and finds your rock hard cock and starts stroking it again. My hand reaching down and squeezing your balls gently and then coming up the shaft of your head and finds a little pre-cum leaking out. I run my finger around in the pre-cum, circling your cock head. Our lips part and I sit up on my elbow. “Umm, you are so soft,” you say as your hand runs up and down my back. “Umm, you are so hard,” I say with my devilish grin as I gently squeeze your bulging cock. You smile back and lift your head to kiss me. Our lips connect and our tongues dance and the passion starts to build.

I shift so that I am lying on top of you. Our kiss ends and I sit up on my knees straddling you. I can feel the blood pumping through your cock underneath my ass, throbbing with anticipation. You reach up with both hands and grab my tits. You squeeze them and pinch my hard nipples. My hands come up and cover your hands and press them into me, forcing you to again squeeze my firm breasts. I stretch back enjoying the feel of your strong hands on my breasts. I lean down over you, your hands gliding around my back and down to my ass as we kiss gently, my tongue licking your lips and then sucking your tongue into my mouth. Our kiss ends again and I move down, kissing your chin, then your chest and continuing down to your stomach and finally stopping right above the head of your cock. I take your pants off and wiggle my way in between your legs. You slide up a little so that you can get a better view as my tongue licks the head of your cock, getting a taste of your fluids from your pre-cum. With one motion, I take your cock all the way into my mouth, swallowing it whole. I can feel your cock getting even harder as the feel of my hot mouth surrounding it excites you. “Oh yea,” you say as you rest your hands on my shoulders, “that feels real good.” My lips start to move up and down the shaft of your cock, my saliva the lubrication as my hand joins my lips. My lips and hand moving in one motion, stroking you, your veins starting to bulge and your balls tightening up. My pace quickens as I can feel you starting to climax. You start to squeeze my shoulders and then you pull me up, “wait a minute, I don’t want to cum yet”, you say, pushing me away, while you sit up, pulling your legs from around me and swinging around so that you are sitting on the couch. I swing around and sit next to you. I put my hand on your thigh. We look at each other and lean in to kiss. You stand up and take my hand, and lead me to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, you swing me around and take me into your arms. Embracing me tightly as our lips lock up again. We kiss intimately, our hands roaming across each other’s body. It doesn’t take long for you to find my hot spot and your fingers slide between my pussy lips, finding it drenching wet. You find my hard clit and wiggle it back and forth with your fingers, I moan and push my hips toward you in response. You push your fingers further back and stick one deep into my pussy. “Ummm,” I say, as you pull it out and play with my clit again, flicking it back and forth making my pussy wetter and wetter.

You step back and put your hands on my waist, pushing me backward toward the bed, forcing me to sit down on the edge of the bed. You kneel down in front of me, gently spreading my legs, exposing my hot pink pussy, my clit swollen and soaking wet. “Oh, that looks nice,” you say resting your head against my knee. I look and reach down and start to play with my clit. “Man, look how swollen my clit is, you make me so hot,” I say as I run my fingers down my pussy lips and back up the middle, right over my clit. You watch me play with myself, trying hard not to interrupt. You kiss the inside of my knee with several little kisses and take a deep breath, “you smell good,” you whisper. Your hand rubbing my other leg from my knee to the top of my inner thigh and back down again.

Your kisses move up my leg slowly, not wanting to rush, so that I don’t stop playing with my hard clit. My other hand reaches up and grabs my breast, squeezing it, pulling it and tugging my hard, erect nipples. You put your arms around my ass and pull me towards you so that I am sitting on the very edge of the bed. My hands both stopped what they were doing to lean back and hold myself up. You start to lick my inner thighs and slowly work your way up to my love box. You stop right next to my dripping wet pussy and rest your head on my thigh, breathing heavy, your hot breathe blowing on my wet pussy with every exhale. Not being able to control myself (which is not unusual with you around!) I push my hips towards you, forcing your lips to touch my swollen clit. Your tongue sneaks out and licks the length of my pussy. I squirm a little and let out a little squeak. This excites you, knowing that your touch can make me squeak. You dive in, sucking up my clit between your lips and your tongue flicking it. I respond by pushing my hips toward you. Your finger reaches up and slides easily into my tight pussy. You move your finger in and out, your tongue continues to flick my clit. Shortly, you slip another finger deep inside my pussy. Not long and I start to climax. I fall back onto the bed, “oh yea, I’m cumming”, I say as my body begins to shake. My hands reach down and rest on the back of your head, my legs start to squeeze together, pressing against your shoulders as your tongue laps up my cum.

You get up on your feet and straddle me. You reach up and squeeze my breasts. I reach down and take your hard cock into my hand and stroke it. One of my hands stroking you as the other comes up and helps you caress my tits. “Why don’t you come up here and sit on my face?” I ask, taking your hand and sticking the fingers you fucked me with into my mouth. You don’t hesitate and soon your cock is deep in my mouth. You have your legs on each side of my chest, pushing my tits against your balls. My mouth taking in your cock from the tip of the head to deep inside, down to the base of your shaft. Slowly, my lips run up and down the length of your cock, my hand joins in and my pace starts to quicken. Stroking you with my lips and my hand, my saliva giving me plenty of lubrication. You start to pump along with my stroking, your love tool going in and out of my mouth, my tongue flicking your head as it comes to my lips.

You body starts to stiffen and you shoot your load down my throat, I swallow that dose of protein and bring my lips to your head, flicking it with my tongue. You fall down next to me on the bed, I roll over on my side and face you. You are on your back, with your eyes closed. I lean over and kiss your cheek, you turn your head and look at me, smile and kiss me. Our tongues touch once more. I lay my head on your chest and before long we drift off to sleep.

I woke up and it was after 1 in the morning. Some how we had both worked our way under the covers and we were cuddled up together. Your breathing indicated to me that you were sound asleep. I laid there listening to you breath and remembered the events from the night before. With these thoughts running through my mind, you laying next to me and your scent carrying over to me, I started to become really horny. I leaned over and sat up on my elbow, the moon was full and shining brightly through the window allowing me to see in the dark. You looked so content, the sheet resting just above your belly button. I reached over and started to run my fingers through your chest hairs. You stir a little and bring your hand up to cover mine. I lean over and kiss your cheek, you neck and continue on down, slipping under the sheet and start to lick your cock. You start to wake up, look down at me and smile. You flop your head back on your pillow and close your eyes again. Your smile starts to widen as your cock gets harder in my mouth. “Umm, what a great way to get woken up.” You say, with you eyes still closed. You hands go down and you start to run your fingers through my hair as my head starts to bob on your cock. With your cock hard and ready for me, I sit up, turn around and sit on your bulging boner. The feel of my hot pussy around your cock makes you open your eyes to see what is going on. I’m sitting on your hard cock with my back to you, grinding my pelvis against yours and caressing my tits. I move my legs so that I am now squatting over you and I start to pump up and down on your cock. Your hands reach and take me by my waist, helping me move. As your cock is plunged deep inside of my pussy and then out to the head, only to quickly be swallowed up again by my hungry pussy. I am quickly moved to climax. I slow down and stop, sitting on your still hard cock as my body shakes from orgasm. You can feel my pussy grabbing your cock as it contracts.

Well, now that you are awake and you have a hard cock, you figure why let it go to waste. So you push me off you and I fall over on my side. All in one motion, you quickly come up behind me and grab my hips and pull them up toward you and stick your cock, dripping wet with my cum into my pussy. You start to pump, first real fast, but then realizing that we have all night, you slow down. I reach under me and start to play with my hard clit. It is so wet down there. Your cock slips out and you rub it against my clit. Sticking it back in after you used the natural lubrication to lube up my ass. You start to pump again, slowly, and then you stick your finger in my ass. I squirm a little and moan in response. You slip your cock out and slowly stick it into my tight ass. “Ooo, oh man, yea, don’t stop!” I say arching my back and bringing my head back. Slowly your cock slides into my ass. You start to pump, your cock engulfed to the base in my ass. “Oh man, your cock feels so good in my ass, you are going to make me cum!” I say, just as my body starts to quake, you yell, “ooo, I’m cumming!” And you shoot your load deep into my ass. We both fall over and slowly our breathing returns to normal and we both fall back to sleep.

You wake up hours later to find that I am not in bed. You lay there listening, trying to determine where I am. You hear soft music coming from the bathroom, so you get up and go to the bathroom door. You open the door and the music becomes loader and you can hear the hot tub bubbling away. You walk through the door and discover to your surprise and delight that I am in the tub with another woman.

We are up to our bosoms in bubbles and gently caressing each other’s tits. Every once in awhile kissing each other’s hard nipples gently. My hand is down in the water and you are unable to see it, and what you don’t see is that I am playing with this other woman’s pussy. She gets up and sits on the edge of the tub, spreading her legs, exposing her pick pussy. I start to lick her clit and stick a finger into her pussy. My lips pressed against hers, sucking her clit and fucking her with my finger. I move to get a better angle and use the opportunity to stick another finger inside her. I start to finger fuck her quickly, using my free hand to gently pinch her clit. “Oh, yea,” she says softly, and starts to move her hips up and down as my fingers move in and out of her. “Oh, please don’t stop,” she begs me and soon her body wracks from orgasm. I pull my fingers out and slip them into her mouth. She sucks on them until I pull them out, she then lowers herself back into the tub and we kiss, a kiss that only consists of our tongues tangling with each other’s.

You clear your throat, trying to get our attention, and we both swing around and look at you. I smile with delight to see you and hoping you enjoyed the show. “Well good morning sleepy head, we didn’t wake you up, did we?” I asked. “No, the big empty bed is what woke me up,” you answer. “I brought you some breakfast!” I say with a smile and gesture to the other woman in the tub with me. She smiles and says, “won’t you join us?” You walk over to the tub with a smile big enough to please any dentist and jump into the tub with us. Both of us immediately go to each side of you. You put your arms around both of our backs and lean over to kiss me. “Umm, I can still taste our sex from last night in your kiss,” I say as our lips separate. She says, “ooo, let me taste.” As she reaches over and gently moves your face to face her and kisses you. I reach down into the water and find that you are already extremely hard. I start to stroke you as you and her kiss. I am also kissing your neck and ear. As your kiss ends with her, you turn to look at me. “Why don’t you sit up here so I can get a taste of you,” you say gesturing to the edge of the tub. I obey, as you move so that you are sitting right in front of me. She moves over and reaches up and starts to caress my breasts and watches contentedly as you start to lick my clit. Your tongue gently plays with my clit, flicking it back and forth. You stick your tongue inside my pussy, and pull it out and with one motion lick up to my clit. I take one hand and reach over to caress her breasts, pulling her nipples. She leans over and kisses my breast, then takes it into her mouth, sucking on it and pulls away still sucking my nipple. You look up to see what is going on and then reach up and squeeze her breast, pinching her nipple gently. You return your attention to my pussy and stick a finger inside my now drenched love box. “Umm,” I say with a little motion starting in my hips. You pull away and I swing my legs to the outside of the tub. “Let’s go out to the bedroom where we can get more comfortable,” I say. She eagerly jumps out of the tub, “yea, I was starting to get water-logged.” You say, “you two go ahead, start with out me, I’ll be there in a minute.” So we obey and run off to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, her and I have arranged ourselves in a 69 on the bed and are licking each other when you walk in. The sight of two woman having sex on your bed really excites you and you instantly become hard again. You walk up to the bed and start rubbing my back, as I am on top. I sit up and ask, “Would you like to join me?” You move over so that you are between her legs and start to lick her clit as I play with it. Once in awhile leaning down and licking as well, sometimes getting our tongues tangled up and we end up kissing. I get up from sitting on her face. You get up and lay on your back, she moves so that she is sitting on your face, facing me as I lower myself onto your hard cock. I start to pump up and down quickly, Her and I reaching across and caressing each other’s breast and kissing. Soon your licks overcome her and she is thrown into another orgasm, which triggers a chain of events and shortly after she has cum I am cumming, and all this cumming and moaning is too much for you to handle and you scream, “I’m cumming!” I jump off and both her and I go down on you, licking and stroking your cock till it spouts a load of sweet cum all over our faces. We all collapse, our labored breathing starting to subside as we all fall into a soft slumber...

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