In the rain...  

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3/23/2006 5:51 pm

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In the rain...

We were at a conference out of town together and had spent the whole day in meetings and seminars. Later that evening, the sponsor was having a dinner and dance party and we were both invited. We both showed up at the dinner separately, you were wearing a black suit and tie and I was wearing a white dress with spaghetti straps that reached down to the middle of my thighs. I walked into the room looking for you, and then I spotted you as you just spotted me. We walked to meet each other and then you escorted me to our table. We ate, and then the music started, you asked me to dance, and so we danced. We ended up staying on the dance floor for a couple other songs and then a slow song came on and slowed us down as well. We both knew that if we danced slowly, we would have to touch and it would be all over then. But we played it off like it was nothing to either of us. After all that dancing we started getting a little warm so you asked if I wanted to go for a walk. The place where we were staying had a beautiful garden with many stone sculptures and water fountains. We decided to take a walk through the garden, it was dark, but the garden had lights all along the paths.

We walked for awhile, talking and laughing trying to put out of minds what we would really like to do to each other. We had been walking for quite a time without even realizing it. We were at the very far end of the monstrous garden and all of a sudden it started to rain. The rain came so fast and so hard that neither knew what to do, there wasn’t any place close by to take shelter and before long we were both soaked to the bone. We looked at each other and started to laugh crazily. My dress was not made for being out in the rain. Because it was white and with it being wet, you could see right through to my bare skin. I wasn’t wearing a bra and the cold rain made my nipples hard, which poked through my now see-through dress. I looked up because you stopped laughing and you had a look of lust in your eyes. We made eye contact, and I started to say, “, maybe we better go back” when you took me in your arms and kissed me with so much passion that I could not resist kissing you back just as passionately. You kissed my neck; my ears and my shoulders before you worked your way back to my lips. You could smell my scent and it drove you even crazier. You reached up and slipped my straps off my shoulders and my dress fell to the ground. I stood there in front of you in only a garter belt, thigh-hi stockings and my shoes. Before my dress even hit the ground you had one of my breasts in your hand and were tenderly kissing the other.

It continued to rain heavily, but we were oblivious of it by now. We were both kissing one another all over as if we were releasing an overwhelming tension that we both felt all night. You took a minute and let me go so that you could take your suit jacket and shirt off, with my help you were stripped as naked as I was. We both stopped for a minute and looked at each, taking in the moment and enjoying the scenery! Only a minute though and we’d both seen enough to only confirm that are actions were exciting to both of us.

I reached down and stroked your already hardening cock. It felt so good in my hands that I couldn’t resist tasting you. I knelt down in front of you, gently stroking your cock and giving it little licks. I took your balls into my mouth and sucked on them until they popped out of my mouth. I licked your balls and worked my way up the side of your cock, which was very stiff and throbbing with anticipation by now. By the time I got to the head of your cock, you had leaked a little treat for me and I gobbled it up like Thanksgiving dinner. With the taste of you in my mouth, I couldn’t wait to take your hard cock into my mouth. I pushed your cock so deep in my throat that you could feel my tonsils. You moaned in response. I started to stroke you and move my lips up and down on your cock in a slow and steady movement. Once in awhile taking you all the way down my throat. I could feel your cock getting so hard and had thought you were going to cum in my mouth, but instead, feeling the build of your climax you grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me to a stand. “I want to taste you now.” You said.

We had stopped right next to a water fountain, which was still spouting water despite the heavy downpour.
You gently guided me over to the ledge, where on a sunny day others probably enjoyed their bag lunches or the fine mist blowing to cool them on a hot day, and I sat down. You knelt in front of me kissing and squeezing my firm breasts. You worked your way down to my abdomen and my thighs. You gently pushed my legs apart exposing my hot pink pussy, which was dripping wet by now because I get so excited when I take your cock into my mouth. You dove in like you were one of those poor starving children in a second world country!! Taking my clit into your mouth and sucking it with a vengeance. I squeaked with delight and moved my hips up higher so that you wouldn’t have to break your neck trying to get to my love box. You slowed your pace a little bit, not wanting to make me cum too quickly. You started to kiss my clit and put your tongue in my pussy, squeezing my ass. I moan in response telling you, “oh, that feels so good.” You start to flick my clit with your tongue and slip your finger deep inside my pussy. You looked up at me and said, “I want to feel my hard cock deep inside your sweet pussy.” Not wanting to disappoint you, I said, “ I want to feel you inside me.” I stood up and turned my back to you and leaned forward. Reaching down between my legs, I took your hard cock into my hands and gave you a few strokes, you took your cock away from me and stuck it into me. It slid in with little resistance, there was definitely enough lubrication to go around with my hot pussy dripping wet and the heavy rain that didn’t seem like it would ever stop. After letting go of your cock I proceeded to play with my hard swollen clit and then switch off to touching your balls as they slapped me and taking a hold of your hard cock when you pulled it out only to push it back in again. You felt so good inside of me that I came almost instantly. You could feel the inside of my pussy tighten around your hard cock as I was shaking from the orgasm. You continued to pump me and with the rain falling and rolling off my ass you just couldn’t resist my asshole as it was staring right up at you. You slowly stuck your finger in my ass while you continued to pump away at me. I responded with another squeak and squirmed a little. You reached around to give my breast a squeeze only to discover that I was already squeezing it and pinching my nipple. I put my hand over yours as it covered my breast and gave it a squeeze. You squeezed in response and then gave me a little pinch. The feel of your hard cock deep inside my pussy and your finger gently playing with my ass was just too much for me to handle and I screamed, “I’m going to cum again!” With that said, I came and again you could feel the inside of my pussy going through spasms and the feeling overcame you and you squirted your sweet cum deep inside me. “ash magnum” you said. You pulled everything out of me and turned me to face you. You embraced me and kissed me. “Mm, I can taste my juices in your kiss.” I said. We both lay down in the grass next to each other, still oblivious to the rain, trying to control the spasms as they racked our bodies.

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