Hotel rendezvous  

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Hotel rendezvous

We were going to dinner together after work, we were still working in that building downtown and decided to go to one of the hotels in that area for dinner. We ate dinner and afterwards sat and talked for awhile. Well, you know that our talks always end up in a discussion about the lust we have for one another and being in a place that has rooms full of beds just above us was just too much for either of us to handle. You checked us into a room and we went upstairs.

We entered the room and it had a king size bed with mirrors above it and as a headboard. I started to walk over to the bed to check it out and you grabbed my arm and swung me around so that I bumped right into you and we were face to face. You put your arms around my waist and pulled me close to you. I could feel your cock through your pants and it was hard as a rock. This really turned me on to know that you get hard just thinking about what you are going to do to me. We kissed.

I took your tie off and unbutton your shirt, slipped it off your shoulders and threw it over a chair. You then reached behind me and unzipped my dress, anxious to see what I had underneath you slipped it off my shoulders and it fell to the ground. I was wearing a sheer red bra with matching garter and panties. My nipples were erect and screaming for attention. You took both my firm breasts in your hands and gave them a tender squeeze then pinched my nipples. I then reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped your pants. I pulled them down to your ankles and not being able to resist the temptation of your hard cock sticking straight up in the air, now that it was out of the constraints of your pants, I took your cock all the way into my mouth. Tasting your pre-cum made me all the more anxious to eat you up. “Umm, you taste better than the shrimp I had for dinner” I say. You look down at me a smile as I look up at you with your cock deep in my throat. I continue to stroke and suck your cock, flicking my tongue all around the head and stroking you only up to the head. “Yea, that feels good Tina.” you say, which encourages me to move a little faster. Knowing that if I continue you will cum, you take me by my shoulders and lift me up so that I am standing in front of you. You kick your pants off from around your ankles as you kiss me. Holding me by my shoulders, you lead me over to the bed. Standing at the foot of the bed, you stepped back and looked at me, “Tina, you look good enough to eat.” you say. I reply with a sly smile, “Well, it’s not just for breakfast any more!” We laugh together, and then you take me into your arms, squeezing me hard enough to break a couple of ribs, and kiss me deeply. Once our lips part, you reach down and pull my panties down to my ankles and off one of my feet which you then lifted so my leg rested on your shoulder. You stuck your face in my hot muff, finding it dripping wet. You lapped up my juices and then played with my clit with your tongue. Wanting only to tease me a little you stood back up and then unfastened my bra, which then dropped to the floor. You took my breast into your mouth, sucking on it and giving it a little nibble. “No favorites, now.” I say and with that you took the other breast and did the same thing. The whole time I am stroking your cock softly. You reach down and stick your finger in my hot waiting pussy as if you are testing the waters. I moan softly, as you slowing fuck me with your finger. You then go down on your knees to get another taste, with your finger still deep inside of me you lightly kiss my clit. Running your free hand down my stocking covered leg. You decide that you want to feel my skin on my legs so you stand up and unfasten my garter belt. Kissing me as your work. You go back to your knees pulling my stockings with you and off. Running your hands up and down my smooth, yet firm legs, you go back to licking my soft pussy lips. Reaching with one hand, you squeeze my ass, as I slowly pump my hips into you. Holding your head and pushing it into my hot box with every pump. “oh, that feels so good, you are going to make me cum.” I say. You then stick your finger back into my pussy and in response I cum, with my body shaking in ecstasy. My knees buckling from weakness. You push me back and I fall onto the bed.

You crawl up to me and with your face, soaking wet from my pussy juices, you kiss me. I kiss you back wanting to get every taste I can of my pussy. I reach down and grab hold of your cock, which is so hard that it feels like you are about to cum. “Let me taste you”, I say, kind of pulling you up higher on me. You crawl even higher so that you are sitting on my chest. With your legs on each side of me pushing my breasts in and your balls being squeezed between them. I take your hard cock into my mouth. Moving my lips up and down the shaft, soaking it with my saliva. You start to pump with the same movement as my lips. I love to feel your balls between my breasts. I start to stroke you with the same movement as my lips and your hips, dripping saliva down your cock and onto your balls. You are starting to pump harder, shoving your cock all the way down my throat. You look down at me, with my head between your legs and watch as your cock goes in and out of my mouth. Your pumping slows and I take your cock out of my mouth and rub it all over my face, sticking it into my mouth once and then rubbing it on my lips. You like to watch as I take your cock into my mouth all the way and take it out. Feeling the pressure mount, with your cock throbbing I continue to suck it, playing with it with my tongue and stroking it. I take your cock out of my mouth one more time and rub in on my face as you cum. You cum squirts all over my face, in my mouth and down my neck. You fall over and lay next to me on the bed in complete satisfaction. I, or course have a face full of cum that I have to clean off. Any that I can I lick up, the rest...well it is wasted!

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E 5][that was soooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you IZE]

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