Oh, dear!  

curious6_9_79 38F
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11/15/2005 12:07 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Oh, dear!

Today I have a headache. But it could be worse. I could have food poisoning like the man I like and his wife.

I went to see them yesterday. She's one of my best friends. We had a good talk, she and I. I love her a lot and don't want to fuck up our relationship by fucking her husband. But she's always been OK with that, I just wonder if she still is.

He was different than he's ever been. The last time I'd seen him, he didn't really talk to me, just talked around me. This time he actually talked to me, looked at me when he talked. For him, that's a big thing.

What am I doing?

rm_Delarosa_84 33M
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11/16/2005 3:50 am

Sounds like trouble to me, take your friend out for some one on one talks. get her imput first, her husband's second.

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