odds and ends.  

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2/28/2006 8:01 pm

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odds and ends.

I was putting gas in my car this evening when some dude rolled up in a Chevy Avalanche ('cause you know that 50 grand was just burning a hole in his picket). When the guy got out, I noticed he was like 5'6" and wasn't even tall enough to see into the bed of the truck. The only word I could think of was compensation.

Does it drive anyone else up the wall that that you can't edit a reply to someone's post? I just replied to [post 253133] and noticed instead closing the color tag (/color) I closed, well, the color (/blue). D'oh!

...and as long as I'm on blog annoyances it also drives me up the wall that "blog" is not a recognized word by the blog spell checker. My other blog also seems to have this problem. Wouldn't you think that would be a something that AdultFriendFinder (and blogger) would have put into their systems?

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