good riddance  

curious311241 36M
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2/15/2006 7:46 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

good riddance

I hope you all enjoyed v-day. I spent mine working, blogging and grocery shopping. Here's a list of what I'm happy to be leaving.

8.)Having to drive to bars. The bars I frequent are in Hartford, Farmington, and Bristol, and as no one I know lives near me, I always have to drive myself, so I always need to keep myself in check, which sucks because some nights you just need to let loose.

7.)The 20something singles scene. If you ever see it, could you let me know about it?

6.)No liquor stores open on Sunday.

5.)Liquor stores having to be closed by 9. C'mon, even crazy conservative Indiana lets them sell to midnight.

4.)The latest a bar stays open is 2. Again, at least Indiana was 3.

3.)Having to pay for pet supplies. I don't remember how I got suckered into this, because as much as I like cats, I wouldn't get one for myself unless I had a lot of disposable income, which I don't.

2.)Roommate A. She's a dishonest bitch who over dramatizes everything. She's also completely OCD about cleanliness. Don't get me wrong, I like clean, but lets not freak out about it.

1.)Roommate B. She lacks the capacity to clean anything in a timely fashion. She also lacks the ability to fix a tiny problem that will obviously get worse if not take care right away. I could create a top 10 list of things just on why she is a bad roommate. But all is well that ends well. The landlord has refused to renew her lease. (The vindictive laughter you hear, yeah, its all me.)

NSAAddict 43F

2/20/2006 8:34 am

Oh Curious you haven't been abandoned!! This one got sucked into the toilet by the blogahrea epidemic, damn A.F.F. Sorry I didn't see it till now I have to agree with you most fervently on #8, the one reason I miss living in DC, safe, reliable transportation for my drunken ass. Big hugs, NSA

curious311241 36M
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2/22/2006 6:54 pm

Yeah, blaming AdultFriendFinder is usually a pretty safe bet. That's part of why I started blogging elsewhere as well. Of course that site has had issues as well, but they seem to only happen about once a week as opposed to every single hour of every single day.

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