HR: part deux  

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1/20/2006 2:25 pm

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HR: part deux


I love organization.

So, last Friday, I get a call from someone in HR saying that they were going to offer me a job. Great. Fantastic. I knew they were going to offer me the job in the middle of December. Had all my paperwork and what have you filled out about a week before Christmas. Not exactly ideal turnaround time. Anyway, I FINALLY get an offer letter UPS-ed to my house this morning (ringing my doorbell and waking me up bright and early at 10 am; and yes, I'm a bum). I open it up and glance it over in my bathrobe and PJ's groggily, and notice it says that I have orientation on Monday.

I think "Huh? What? Wait, I thought we still needed to figure out a few things." I however had plans for the early afternoon, and instead of getting myself moving and figuring this stuff out at like a 11 before I left for a few hours, I said, meh I'll do it when I get back. (I realize now that was probably a mistake.) Anyway, after soccer, lunch, and a shower, I try to call some people to figure out what the hell is going on. I start with the HR individual who sent me the letter. I get voice mail (of course, who actually answers their phone?) and it says that she's in Michigan on a recruiting trip. Oh, BTW, this letter of offer is dated yesterday.

Uhh, OK, let's try the guy who seems to be my future boss/person I'll be working with the most. He says, yup, I just found out about this today too, I'll make some calls and see what I can figure out. I love communication! I wait about half an hour and don't hear anything and decide to make some phone calls of my own. I leave messages with 3 different people (mind you its like 4:30 at this point, and I'm sure everyone has left for the day). ::UGH:: I send him an e-mail saying I've had no luck figuring out what is supposed to be going on. He gives me a call around 5 saying that since he just got the paperwork to get me set up in the system, and that if I do start in Bristol the way I want to, they don't have a place to put me yet, so not to go to orientation Monday.

So like I said, FUBAR.

I think I'm going to be on the phone a lot next week.

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