Getting ready for the long weekend?  

curious2tryu58 59F
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6/29/2006 11:12 am

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7/22/2006 11:17 am

Getting ready for the long weekend?

I'm sitting in my office right now with my iced coffee and two cell phones, my office phone, a pile of faxes, messages, payroll (running late with that too), data entry up the ying yang, the place is noisy today, so my tylenol is right next to my cigarettes, everyone needs something, I'm constantly interrupted. Stress, Stress, yeah fucking stress...OK. The smoking habit, stress relief. Smoke in the workplace....God forbid! I have an ashtray hidden in here, oh, I DO use it when I'm alone. I'm taking my break now, from all the numbers and such, to relax. But I can't smoke in here!!! Everyone is talking about their plans for the long weekend, we're closing on Monday and reopening the 6th. I've been invited to at least 10 parties. I will hit one or two but....I have to @#$$%ing work!!!!!!!!! Shit that I can't do from home either. So, now I'm pissed, writing my blog for the day, taking all this time to just piss off people, and then I'm going outside to my car and smoke a cigarette. A whole one. People are going to be paging me, looking for me in the building.....too bad, if they hadn't started this anti-smoking bullshit, I would be sitting here with everything under control. Lets face a fact here, If I took my two coffee breaks per day, and my lunch hour they would have to hire another person. By the way, the chemicals we use here are more toxic than my smokes!!! I breathe this shit more than second hand smoke. Now that I've gotten this off my chest, I'm going outside to my car, maybe I'll even come back in with a migrane (fake) and take the rest of the day off since I can't have a long weekend. But we will all know that I'll be sitting right here while they all party up, smoking at my desk, being more productive and organized. I'll probably even check back with all of my missed e-mails, balance my own checkbook, give myself a pedicure, do whatever the fuck I want because I'll have the time. So for those of you that employ smokers and are anti-smoke, you people started this shit...I make this kind of money because of you. You caused us to study the labor laws. I'll work holidays etc...I'll take days off at my leisure at the drop of a hat and you can't touch my salary. If you had kept out of the politics and kept your eyes on the employees needs, you could have kept your payroll in control and we'd still be ignorant of our rights. I am the wallet for this company and can make many lives miserable. At least I'll close out my month in peace, and relaxed. Have a great weekend, be careful driving my friends.

Boomer022 70M
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6/29/2006 2:00 pm

WOW!!!!!!!! Curious, am glad you got the chance to get that off ur chest sweetie!!!!!! That's been building for a while!!!!!! I do hope that your weekend improves immeasurably!!! It could LOL if you just use that Yahoo addy I sent you. LOL Anyway, hope your day gets better and from another "smoker", I still do so at work when no ones around also LOL!!!!!!!

tjinsoutheastpa1 54M
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6/29/2006 7:55 pm

Well said....Burn one for me, an ex pack a day smoker and have a great holiday!

SirMounts 103M

7/9/2006 11:34 pm

Why, your personality shines through, with every word you write.
A warm welcome to blogging, curious2tryu. *smiling*

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