The vagaries of the male anatomy  

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3/12/2005 2:22 pm

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The vagaries of the male anatomy

Now, I've been stressed lately. Work, who needs it?

Well, most of us without either a substantial inheritance of the sort found in novels or the ability to see the world on threepence an hour and live off what I might call 'found' food need it, if the truth be told. Anyway, it's been a bit of a bugger lately, too much wanted too quickly by too many people for too long, and so I've got used to existing with a kind of semi-hangover and a fuse that's not so much short as self-igniting. Sexy it isn't.

And for a man in his early 40s, well things don't work the way they did when you were 17; most of the time, this is something to be grateful for as it allows you to at have at least some control over what's going on rather than having to wear tight jeans to keep everything in place. So the gentleman of pleasure doesn't spring to attention at the slightest hint that something might possibly be interesting any more, and this is by and large a Good Thing, as it usually performs admirably at the appropriate time. Except just lately that is, when exactly what stress can do to a man has been made obvious.

You can imagine the frustration. Every encouragement was given by me and my partner, and all we could get was the equivalent of a grumpy 'bugger off and let me sleep'. It seemed more awake than me in the mornings though, so the plumbing was obviously still ok.

And then the stress went away (how easy that is to write, how difficult to achieve!) and, hello! Normal service has been resumed, and there's some catching up to do...and a little more to make up for the frustration.

Odd stuff, stress. I'll try and pass when it's next offered.

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