The shower/bath question  

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2/20/2005 2:48 am

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The shower/bath question

We've all tried, haven't we? Some observations.

1. Let's get this out of the way at the start; showers are cleaner. All that stuff you wash off your skin stays washed off. All of those things you produce in the act don't float around you afterwards. A small but important point which you can forget all about now but hey, I've told you. This is like the safety announcements on aircraft. You should pay attention but you really want to know what the in-flight movie is so you never do listen, do you? Or if you do start listening, you end up looking at the stewardess and wondering about the chances of a quickie in one of the restrooms.

2. But baths are more luxurious. You can have a good wallow in a bath. And you can have bubbles and other things around you to make it more special, like scented candles. And a glass of wine. You ever tried that in a shower? Really? Gosh, it's one of the tragedies of democracy that your vote is worth exactly the same as mine.

3. Showers are generally smaller than baths, except of course if they're over a bath. This can make it quite a squeeze, or impossible, in a small cubicle.

4. Mind you, a bath that can fit two ordinary people in comfortably would have to be much larger than average.

5. And it's really easy to get water all over the floor when two of you are in a bath. Especially if you get carried away. Trust me on this one. It was a silly position to try anyway, I can see that now that the bruises have healed and my back's recovered.

6. Of course it's quite wrong to say you should choose somewhere more practical for your fun. That's half the point.

7. In summary, for me; a larger than average shower is the best place for enjoyment and comfort. Baths are fine if one of you wants to treat the other to a little fun, and washing your partner does lead naturally to other things as well as being a very intimate thing to do.

8. But hey, what's the point in analyzing? Sometimes you've just got to follow your urges and if you happen to be in the bathroom at the time, just go with it. You'll grin at the things you did afterwards.

9. Although possibly not at the chiropractor's fees.

10. Time to go for a shower!

11. You were kidding about candles and drinks in the shower, weren't you?

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