Smell and relationships  

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2/19/2005 2:58 pm

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Smell and relationships

I was reading someone's profile tonight and they mentioned that their ideal partner would have to smell right, and it stuck a chord. And I wrote a rambling post to them which will probably end up going straight to their deleted file because I don't have a photo on my page and I thought, what the hell, start a blog.

If you're going to be close to someone for any length of time they *have* to smell right. It'll be something to do with body chemistry, or genetics, or quantum probability theory as applied to restaurants or some damn thing or other, it doesn't matter, but why do so few people realise? Men especially, and no matter what they say you can tell whether they really know about it by their attitude to personal hygiene. Clean sweat can smell just fine, it's like that person only more so. Stale sweat is, well, awful. Wash more, guys.

And some women too, for that matter!

And it's perceived differently by different people. One woman described my smell as 'like a wet dog' while another, seconds later, described it as 'chocolatey'. I hadn't even moved, so it has to be something innate (and I know you're going to ask about me and the second woman but I'm not going to tell you, not yet anyway). So it's something personal and you've got to find someone that fits your smell profile, because otherwise they won't smell right and never can and it feels so wrong when it all breaks up and you try explaining it to them and you know that the real reason is that they just don't smell right but you just can't tell them that because they'd never believe that something like that could make so much difference, whereas if they do smell right then waking up with them is just so gorgeous, when the bed smells of you and them and you could just snuggle up to the bedclothes except they're there too and you're torn between licking them all over and just snuggling up and going back to sleep wrapped in that delicious, gorgeous smell.

With the right person, getting a good noseful of their smell is like going home. With someone who's smell isn't right, it's like you've gone to the wrong house.


3/5/2005 2:32 pm

Not to be sniffed at......

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