Last night...  

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2/22/2005 9:41 am

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Last night...

...I dreamt I went to Manderley again.

Well in fact I didn't, it was the night before, and I wasn't subconsciously rewriting Rebecca, but it was an odd and very vivid dream.

I do have the most vivid dreams sometimes and yes, sometimes they have included some very erotic, not to say pornographic, dreams. I once dreamt about having a famous redheaded woman on a church floor; most unexpected and a rich seam for psychoanalysts. All I'm going to say is, she went like a train! And no I won't tell you who it was, you can go and have your own fantasies, just remember it next time you meet a redhead.

Anyway, I dreamt of the sea or, specifically, the coast. Under a bright blue sky and a medium offshore breeze, the waves crashed white against the rocks. A little way inshore I stood on a knife edge rock rib, paused half way up about forty feet above the ground, with another ten feet in height but fifty feet in distance to climb to flat ground (if these distances seem unusually accurate, I climb rocks for fun and am used to estimating this kind of distance). And there I stood, watching the waves and the spume and spray, feeling the warm rock under my hands and feet, feeling perfectly confident despite the precariousness of the position and having to rely on my physical strength and balance to get me back to land.

And shortly afterwards I woke up with the most impressive morning erection!

I'm sure the two must be connected in some strange, Jungian archetypal way, but my subconscious is a strange and wonderful place into which I don't care to delve too deeply. Theories, anyone?

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