A thing about thongs  

curious200203 55M
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2/19/2005 3:10 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A thing about thongs

Now I know that there's something I'm not getting here, but why are thongs so popular?

To me - no, I've never worn one, thank you for asking - wearing one must be like having your buttocks flossed. And as for all this nonsense about them removing a VPL, well I've seen so many women with four buttocks because they've got a badly fitting thong that I can't believe that anyone buys that line, but maybe I underestimate ignorance. And you can't see your own arse, so how would you know? Your best friend isn't going to tell you, probably because you'd then tell her that yes, her bum does look big in that.

And wobbly buttocks are fine in their place, but their place isn't in your trousers. You don't get any support from thongs.

And what's with this thong poking over the top of trousers thing? Can't people buy clothes the right size any more?

And I leave the whole hygiene issue to your imagination. I'm trying to keep it out of mine. Girls, I just hope you wipe properly.

Now don't think I don't like bottoms. I do, and a well rounded arse is indeed a joy to behold. I just think it looks better in proper pants.

TitMonkey1979 39M
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2/19/2005 6:18 pm

dude thongs are hot and granny panties are boring.

easy122 63M  
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2/19/2005 8:27 pm

if it's a nice ass,, it's nice no matter what's wraped around it and if it's no, well then a thong or grannys isn't going to make it better

rm_Lickableones 60M/37F
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2/20/2005 2:40 pm

Ok, men...buckle up and listen, especially you CURIOUS200203 Thongs are sexy and comfortable, believe it or not. It is nothing like having dental floss up there CURIOUS200203. I wear thongs and I have never had a complaint about my ass being wobbly or saggy....well a bit wobbly, buy in the good sense of the word. Thongs are comfortable, which may be hard to believe, but they stay in your ass, where they are supposed to. If you choose to wear regular underwear, of 'granny panties', those can ride up and go into your ass where they shouldn't be and become very uncomfortable. Think about it, alot more cotton where it shouldn't be. As far as hygeine, I have never had an issue in that depatment; so when MY thong comes off....nothing comes off WITH or ON it. I totally speak for myself there and not other women. Now the VPL issue, some men may not admit it, but nobody, be it male or female likes to see a tight skirt on a sexy woman with the whole outline of her panty there. Thongs and G-strings are a perfect solution to the problem. And of course there are those women who opt out of wearing underwear at all...but that's another issue. Now as far as the thong poking out of your clothes thing....many women do it purposely to show off the fact that they are wearing a thong, and some men find that sexy as well. Clothes are never made to fit perfectly.
All body shapes and sizes are different. I have had that issue at times. I have big thighs, a big butt and a small waist, so I have to buy a bigger size to accomodate the thighs and butt, which in turn makes it much easier to see what's inside the pants, skirt, shorts, etc. becuase of the extra room up top. Not to mention that low rider jeans are now the in thing. They do make low rider thongs as well, but those can be uncomfortable when you sit and they go below the ass crack.

So, Curious200203, I hope I have been able to shed some light on the situation for you. If you have any more questions regarding underwear, feel free to ask me. And for the men that find thongs and G-strings sexy....your welcome.

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