Your thoughts??  

curious082385 32F
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9/7/2006 9:38 am

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Your thoughts??

Heard this on the radio while I was driving home from work this morning:

Several families at a New York state school are asking for their children to be moved into different classrooms and are even pushing for one teacher to be fired after learning that "he" is undergoing surgery and hormone therapy to become a woman. He will be dressing as a woman while at school throughout the entire process.

Made me start wondering about the legality of that. I can understand some parents wanting to move their students and I think that the school should respect those wishes. Right now they are denying the parents and staying that the children will remain in the teacher's class. However, I don't think that it is ok for the school to fire the teacher based on that alone, although I do see that it would be a complicated and delicate situation.

So where is it ok to draw the line with things like this? As a parent, would you have a problem with a trans-gender, transvestite or member of BDSM lifestyle teaching your children? Personally, I have absolutely no problem with anyone in the aforementioned lifestyles and, given the nature of this site, I'm assuming most of you don't either. So long as the teacher continued to conduct themselves in a professional manner and didn't make a big deal out of it either way, I wouldn't have an issue with it.

Where is the line between allowing individuals to express themselves and giving parents the right to choose what their children are exposed to?

As a parent, I would want to reserve the right to inform my child of different sexualities and preferences in my own way, in my own time.
What do you think?

silverhawk762 52M/48F

9/7/2006 10:09 am

Kind of depends what age kids this teacher is dealing with. Firing this teacher is, as far as I know, discriminization. While I, too, reserve the right to teach my child about sexuality, if these kids are in high school, they already know about it. If it's early elementary kids, say K-2, they probably could care less, being too young to really know that this pertains to sexuality for the most part. They'll have asked a few questions, but don't really know yet where it all fits into their lives. If nothing else, it opens up a community discussion about how much, when, and who should teach kids about sexuality.

I think, rather than getting bent out of shape about it, you (and the community at large) need to remember that this teacher is a human being, no matter what her preferences are. Remember that she is trying to do her job under incredibly stressful conditions.

How would you feel if your employer was incredibly conservative and tightlaced and found out that you were listed on a site like this one? Would you want to be fired because of your personal, private life? Would you want to be discriminated against because you're on a path that most people wouldn't think of choosing?

Just a little food for thought, not an attack... {=}

lovebreed4u 70M
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9/7/2006 10:13 am

I do agree with you on your rights about informing your child of
differn't sexuality preferences of otheres.

Yet the world realisticly doesn't care one way or the other. What your
or my rights in the guidence of our children. With the media qnd
religous proliferation of their ears and minds,,24/7.

There is little more we can do, But portay our values and bounderies
as individuals and parents.

No one can tell you where, how or where. To send your children to school out of the public school system. The public school system is
broke any way you choose to examine it's record or results.

Consider a charter or private school. Where you do have a choice
in your child's education. That fit your needs and preferences.



9/7/2006 12:11 pm

What do I think?

I think I'm super tired and because of that I'm gonna be a big poopoofaced party pooper and not deal with it. 'cause I feel dumb, sleepy and bratty and cranky at the moment and thinking about that just don't sound like no fun at all!

Sorry for this childishly ridiculous outburst of non compliancy.

I just wanted to say "Hi" though before I conk out and then maybe I come back later.


curious082385 replies on 9/8/2006 3:50 am:

ZZ_Todd 60M

9/7/2006 1:34 pm

It's politics... which I think are really only public extensions of egos. Those who think they are somehow better than the rest of us like to let us know that. Personally, I wouldn't care what a teacher's preferences are, or anything else about their personal life so long as they did a good job being a teacher. We like to call ourselves "The land of the free"... yeah, right. Freedom is only what others allow it to be.

Passion247000 47F
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9/7/2006 1:50 pm neither...I don't think it is right to fire the teacher based on that.

No,As a parent, I wouldn't have a problem with a trans-gender, transvestite or member of BDSM lifestyle teaching my children.

Yes...I agree: as long as the teacher is a good one and continues to be professional...

One thing though I might add: there should have a class in school...teaching the awareness of different life styles and the need for tolerate and understanding... Children are quite receptive and is the parents that have an issue with this, most times....

On the side note: I don't think people want to be a trans-gender or gay or lesbian by choice...They can't help to be who they are... Just like we can't choose our biological parents or our natural hair color, skin color, etc... etc.... It's our genetic make up.... So before we critize or sneer at someone based on their physical make up or skin colors...we should think about that...



angelofmercy5 60F
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9/7/2006 4:55 pm

I think it depends on the ages of the children. Without injecting prejudice into their lives.....that happens too quickly anyways.....we also don't want to add total confusion. The school system should have found an administrative job for this teacher until the transformation was complete at which time they could have been reintroduced as a teacher of the other gender. We don't bring out sexuality to school. We don't talk to children about our favorite sexual positions....or whether we are gay. That is part of our private lives....and we are entitled to them. I don't fault the parents....but the school system should have already fixed this problem.

curious082385 replies on 9/8/2006 3:51 am:
I agree...I don't think that the administration made the right decision to have the teacher undergoing the transition in front of his students eyes. A less public job would have been better. But who knows, they may have suggested it and he turned it down. I don't know all the details on the situation so I don't know...

evil_lolita 35F

9/7/2006 5:43 pm

So long as the teacher continued to conduct themselves in a professional manner and didn't make a big deal out of it either way, I wouldn't have an issue with it.

As long as a person behaves professionally and does not push his or her lifestyle - I don't care what the heck they do.

However - with that being said - as angelofmercy stated, I don't think it's appropriate to bring sexual matters into a classroom. I would want my child to be comfortable, and I believe that it is up to parents to instruct their children on the differences in ways of life among the population.

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rm_kneel_be4me 50M
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9/7/2006 8:13 pm

well having two five year olds in school I have a vested interest in who and what my kids are taught.

I personaly would have a problem with a transgender teaching my kids... even with them only five years old... We have a friend of the family that when you look at them you cant tell if they are male or female... and when they talk you would swear they are male... well they are female... my kids at five years old DO have a problem understanding this. This is a person we treat as a friend and she is definatly female and is not confused by her looks. She doesnt have a problem when my kids ask her wierd questions about her looks or voice... BUT it does effect them in a negative way. My kids are the sweetest and friendliest kids you could ever know and hold no bad feeling towards anyone, but they would deffinatly be confused and effected negativly by a transgender teacher.

As for bsdm or M/s or many of the other "lifestyles" that are apart of this site 99% of the time you would never know about their lifestyle durring their work time.

As for wether he should or would be fired... He wont be... one thing they might do is move him to a possition that doesnt deal with the kids full time. One arguement they might use is saying that they hired him as a male and he did not let them know about his sex change opperations and that they are moving him to another possition until his sugeries are complete.

funintheday2006 57M
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9/7/2006 8:29 pm

I'm not a parent but, would hope that if I were I would not be so shallow as to judge the teachers professional ability based on their sexual lifestyle choice. I think angel and evil have it tied down. Are you sure you are not 31?

curious082385 replies on 9/8/2006 3:52 am:
Yep, pretty sure I'm 21. At least that is what my birth certificate says anyway...and my mom.

absolutelynormal 57F
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9/7/2006 9:58 pm

I'm sitting here contemplating my response to you and trying to think what I would've done had this happened when my kids were young. I can tell you what my daughter would say now and she's 22... EWWWWW, noway I woulnd't have wanted him/her to teach me. My son who is 26 would say... I wouldn't have cared as long as he/she could teach. My personal feeling is that the guy should just wait until he's had his stuff done before teaching.

rm_lust2u2 53M

9/8/2006 2:32 am

Children must get conditions during there childhood for sound and common values, attitudes and behavior (individual freedom, democracy, etc... yes, fundamental). As a parent you also have to (I think) support (not interfere, if possible) the child's own decision making (good judgment, e.g. "normal vs abnormal" ).
Hopefully the child will develop a sufficient good self-esteem and self-confidence ("what is good and best for me..."?), among others to see and be aware of "the acceptable line" when they take a position

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