A story for YOU !!  

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8/8/2006 9:20 pm

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A story for YOU !!

Here is a story I wrote sometime back. I hope you enjoy

The Stranger in the Alley

You are on a business trip to New York ...it is in the middle
of fall, the temperatures during the day are in the mid seventy’s.
You have just got finished a long non profitable meeting
with some clients who are, should we say not too nice (whole
asses). You are leaving the building tired, frustrated
and trying to catch a taxi back to your hotel around 5 pm.
You are thinking when you get to your hotel room you are going
to take a two hour soak in the Jacuzzi. You are even planning
on ordering a stuffed lobster dinner with steamed broccoli,
pasta Alfredo and a bottle of a good white zinfadel wine
from room service. After almost twenty minutes of trying
to hail a taxi, you start walking towards your hotel disgusted
with the traffic system of New York. Five minutes into the
trip a light rain starts falling and you don’t have an umbrella
and still have not had any luck hailing a taxi. Not wanting
to let your hair get wet you take your suit jacket off and
put it over you head. The rain is not so hard that it would
drive you into a building and you really want to get to that
tub. As you are walking other people are just walking right
by you. Those New Yorkers certainly know how to speed walk
in the rain. It is getting darker also because of the clouds
blocking out the sun’s rays. Then all of a sudden you notice
a someone walking right next to you. You glance over to see
a man, you can not make out his face because his eyes are turned
downward. You turn your head to see want he might be looking
at and realized it’s your breasts. This morning while getting
dressed and listening to the weather report (which said
it would be warm) you decided not to wear a bra. You thought
“My breasts are still firm and nicely shaped for D cups”.
What added to the show was the rain had wet your blouse and
made your nipples begin to harden. The top button had come
lose from the walking. He had a good view of your breasts
and nipples which were jiggling with each step. At first
you thought about covering them up, but decided against
it because of the warm sensation that was stirring inside.
As time went on you both continued to walk in the rain step
for step with him staring at your now fully erect nipples
as a baby who knows want they are used for. You are getting
more and more excited about this stranger looking at you.
Thoughts began to race thru your head making you more confused
with every step So much so a couple of times you lost your
footing. It was on one such occasion that you started to
fall and the stranger caught you before you hit the wet pavement.
The excitement that ran thru your body at the moment he caught
you caused a lost of all senses and you kissed him hard on
the lips. He took that as the indication it was and pulled
you into a nearby alley. The rain was still coming down and
as he pushed you up against the wall you hands grabbed his
head and pulled it onto one of your totally exposed nipples.
He began sucking as a new born baby after the first taste
of a mother's milk. The moans started easing from your
slightly parted lips. He only stopped the onslaught of
your breasts long enough to force his tongue down your waiting
and wanting mouth. As he was searching the inside of your
mouth with his wild tongue you reached down the investigate
his manhood. You were surprised and delighted to feel the
and the semi hardness in his pants just aching to be released.
With your experience hands you released his dick to the
fresh wet air. He let out a low groan of enjoyment. After
a couple of stokes he was fully hard and you kneeled down
and tried to take all of his dick into your mouth. On the first
attempt you were only able to engulf half, but with the second
it was all in and a
mighty groan came from his mouth. As you continued this
over the next minutes there was repeated moans and groans
heard by your ears. The excitement caused by the thought
of the people walking by and seeing you was giving you goose
bumps and starting your juices to flow. His hands had been
on your head guiding it on and off his throbbing dick. He
then pulled you up to a standing position and with what seemed
one motion pulled your skirt up around your waist and your
panties down to your ankles. He dropped to his knees and
started licking, sucking and lightly nibbling on your
soaked pussy lips. When he part your lips with his tongue
and foundling your clit you let out a scream you thought
the people a mile away would hear, but no one even noticed
the action in the dark alley. To them it just seemed another
person was getting mugged. He keep at his task of pussy worship
until you could not hold the gates closed any more and
let out a flood of your own cum that sent shock waves thought
out your entire body. With that signal he rose and turn you
around and inserted his rock hard dick all the way into the
spot his tongue just vacated. Again your juices flowed
this time all over his manhood. He started slowly pumping
in and out for want must have been twenty minutes. When he
was assured your had cum for a third time he with drew his
dick and jammed it all the way to the base into your asshole.
The force was so much you thought his balls went into your
pussy. He continued to fuck your asshole with mighty stokes.
When he finally had enough pleasure he could not hold out
any longer he let out a scream and his whole body jumped as
the first wave of cum shoot out of the head of his dick. The
force was so great it started the flow of your juices again.
After the last of the spasms subsided you both straighten
yourselves and your clothes and exited the dark alley.
Back on the lighted sidewalk you'll said your good
byes and went in opposite directions. At the next intersection
you successfully hailed that taxi. It was a quiet yet exciting
ride to your hotel because of the feelings still pulsating
thru your body. Upon reaching your room you took that soak
but for different reasons then originally. The lobster
dinner was also excellent. It was as if you were being paid
back for enduring the whole assess at the meeting. The next
morning you went back to the alley that had given you a place
of so much pleasure. When you arrived the tingling started
again in your body. The memories would stay with you for
a long time of the stranger in the dark alley.

To whoever reads this story...please let me know what you
think, good, bad or otherwise. I appreciate all comments.

JustASingleGirl2 50F
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8/13/2006 12:48 am

Love the story. Wanna meet in an alley someplace?

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

cumuwill3x 58M

8/14/2006 9:29 am

I think that can be worked out (or in), but I don't do one night stands. Also, I need a relationship before going to that point with someone. And finally, I don't go with more then one person at a time. Right now, I am in limbo with the "relationship" I thought I had. I guess I need to find out how that is doing. If all these things can be worked out, maybe I could work you in.

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