eating cum last weekend  

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3/24/2006 1:26 pm

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eating cum last weekend

I am a lean muscle 5'10" 160 lb 35 year old male.
Last Saturday I went to the local XXX theater. This is a basic movie theater where guys "hang out"
After making eye contact with one guy and telling him that I was interested in sucking his cock - we decided to go sit down.
He sat - and I sat next to him.
I unzipped him.
I pulled his pants down and sucked his cock, being sure to deep throat him a few times.
Quickly, a crowd developed (this always happens).
The guy was going out of his mind with his cock in my mouth.
He told me he was going to cum
I told him to cum in my mouth.
He gladly obliged.
mmm, a lot of cum. all in my mouth

Now the guy in the row behind me had his cock out and was jerking. It was about 8 inches.
He brought it to my mouth.

A guy next to me starting feeling me up. Yanking at my cock and squeezing my ass.
With some cum still in my mouth (I like that), I started sucking the 8 incher.
He was pretty hard.
I loved taking him deep as he moaned each time.
Another guy next to him had his cock out.
He rubbed it in my face, while I sucked on the 8 incher.
The guy next to me was rubbing my asshole.
As usual, I moaned a bit as I sucked cock.
I quickly switched and started sucking the third cock while the 8 incher dangled still in my face.
The 8 incher started slapping my face with his cock. This makes me hot!
As the guy next to me stuck his finger in my ass, I passionately sucked the third cock.
This guy was going to explode quick.
With the 8 incher near my cheeks, the third cock pulled out and started shooting.
I told him "Please cum in my mouth".
He came
Top of my lips and on my tongue.
I let it drip on my tongue and hang on my bottom lip a little.
Then I swallowed.
2 finger just entered my asshole. I'm tight, so thats all I could take.
Finally, the 8 incher was back in my mouth. I licked his head. I licked his balls.
I stroked and sucked
He really got into fucking my mouth hitting the back of my throat again and again.
The two fingers guy continued to fuck my ass as the 8 incher fucked my throat.
The 8 incher kept pounding away.

THen another man approached who was jerking off.
He said he just wanted to cum on my face.
8 incher pulled out as the older gentleman shot his cum on my cheeks and chin.
I was dripping.
THen 8 incher continued fucking my mouth.
Pumping deep.
I told him "please cum"
But he did more
THen he got thicker. I knew it was cumming.
He pumped some more.
then exploded.
so much cum.
In the back of my throat and mouth.
I swallowed some, and twirled some on my tongue.
The hot cum.
In my mouth.
mmmmm. I was so turned on.
I then got up and left.
Some cum was still on my face. some still in my mouth.
I drove off in this state.

nutmegnutmeg 37F

3/24/2006 4:47 pm

Sounds hot But Tag, you are it! See my blog for details

I got Tagged

Always and in All Ways


mrmovieman2005 61M  
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9/13/2007 11:10 am

OMG! I got hard and stroked my cock reading this post! I'd NEVER do what you did..... but I'd like to!

NowayAroylGrimm 58M
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3/2/2011 6:07 am

love to meet you to pleasuer you

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