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cumseek 53M/51F  
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6/30/2006 7:54 pm

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1/24/2011 2:12 pm

Looking to Explore

We�re a fun loving couple that has been together for 16 years and are looking to add a little spice to our relationship by exploring some of our fantasies, such as swapping with another couple. Let us know if you�re a couple that has the same thoughts?

We would love to know how others have gone about meeting for the first time?

Has any one found a couple that has met your desires or have you just dived into swapping with anyone you�ve spoken to? We hope to have some chemistry. What do you think?

Hope to speak to you soon.

jstcurious1966 53M/52F
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7/2/2006 8:13 pm

Would love to get together and watch the fireworks EXPLODE!! You all are a wonderfully sexy couple. Watching you play and make love is SOOOOOOO stimulating!!!
HUGS and squeezes (in the right places)

rm_happyusa_ffm 53M/51F

7/4/2006 1:17 pm

mmmmmm hope they pic us........very sexy couple.....and a huge heart also.......misses seek is the greatest

couple19704 51M/48F

7/4/2006 3:47 pm

Hi MR & MRS Seek....Here is Mr Couples opinion

Chemistry...that may be hard to find in both people but you have to have a goal...lol...From what our swinging friends say one person always has to make a concession about something...and they have done alot of swapping....orgy's and everything.....I suggest a soft swap first with a couple who lives a long ways away from you. Couples are very complicated ...as you know from AdultFriendFinder...lol....maybe try a single person first...Good luck in your search and hope you find FUN.


kittywet1000 54M/42F

7/30/2006 11:24 am

cumseek dont just dive in wait for the chemistry to be right you would hate for the first time to be a major let dowm xoxoxoxo,s KITTYWET1000

weneedmore1974 48M/43F
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1/17/2007 11:03 am

Well we are also new to this but fromm what we have read there needs to be chemistry between everyone or it has the risk of going bad.Hope you have fun and be looking forward to reading some of your adventures(and posting some of our own)take care.

4hisplesure 49M/50F

3/20/2008 10:43 pm

chemistry thats like soul mates...duznt exist,Just dive right in...buy the way I am game

PLucky42 55M
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6/25/2008 10:00 am

I believe you have to have some chemistry. I have meet a few couples from here and mostly you meet have a drink or two and before the 2nd one is finished you will know if you click. If you don't click then everyone goes there way.

bildmann43 66M/59F
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7/26/2008 11:22 pm

mr and mrs seek, you two deserve to have a wonderfully hot and sexy relationship with another couple. You both are very attractive and very sexy on cam and off. we hope it all comes together for the two of you in living out your fantasies for real. best wishes and best sex to you both. love you always.

cumseek 53M/51F  
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7/31/2008 4:02 pm

ty for the replies.....

Monzacouple 67M/67F

8/27/2008 8:07 pm

A very sexy and warm couple...

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