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6/1/2006 4:31 pm

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Question for both women and men.
I am married and my wife is now for the past two months having a conversation online witha man from Missorri U.S and she is online for hours on end. between 5-10 per day talkng with him. Now I know men and women can be friends without the sexual aspects and I know she has had male friends before we where married. This guy is married as well and my wife is telling him everything that is going on in our lives. She hides the conversations the moment I am coming down the hall and yells at me if I mention I am wondering if something is going between them.
Sex is,for men anyway, a way to show a woman how much we love/care for them. My wife does not want sex from me, and when we did have sex,she just got off the computer with this guy. What the hell am I suppose to think at that point. Did she want me or him.
I should say that there has been previous times of her being unfaithfull in the beginning of of relationship.(Before married) Is it possilbe that a woman who says she loves you to be seeking something new from someone else,(YES) I know that anwser, but I would like Honest imput on this and not just sarcastic blather. Give me a honest response from women and men.

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6/1/2006 5:25 pm

Your wife is showing ALL the signs of cheating.

Talk to her. So what if she yells at you?

Good luck to you. You're in a bad situation.

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