She does not like picturing me with someone else..  

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4/29/2006 3:43 pm

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5/8/2006 5:09 am

She does not like picturing me with someone else..

>>!...I always picture myself fucking some horny ass woman any where in this town. I always have. I suppose that if you've ever been out of state, and then you the place where you are really a nobody...alters you frame of thought. For example, I can approach an ugly chick in a club and she'll reject me. but, if i approach a juiciliously inviting sexy elegant and charmingly attractive lady...I'd get all the attention in the world. its odd or backwards if you come to think about it.

She does not like picturing me with someone else...
>>!...I dream of having sex with the join in woman on this site. but after carefully looking at her I really don't because though she is hot and curvacious like a sphere in the paint program of the windows explorer. Anyhow if there is such a thing as desire left in this realm, I desire to meet a fine ass nymphomaniac woman, one whose ass i can rim every 6 spme odd hours, I wanna fuck the shit out her, then, pull out and let her suck her shit off my big black meat....I'm into 3somes and orgies, I'm willing to join a swingers club, I want to develop my swinging identity...but no one wants to let me in. Yeah Igot a fucked grill...I'm so fucked up my own reflection puts an out to lunch sign on the mirror when I go to the bathroom. But, I can pull the finest ladies...some how and it just does not make any kind of sense.

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