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3/12/2006 12:59 pm

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Everytime I see Molly, I want to kneel in front of her and put my face in her crotch and sniff. Mmm...she turns me on big time. She works as a waitress at one of the local restaurants. Her titties look small...maybe an "A" or a "B". I love'em!! She always flirts with me and sometimes when she sits on the same side of the booth next to me, she rubs her leg up against mine. I've held her hand a few times as she is talking to me and it is always so warm. Today, she made a comment that she'd come home with me if I'd pay her and when I told her that I would, she grinned then leaned over against me and let me feel her hot body next to mine.

Mmmm...sometimes it is so hard to tell she is just flirting or if she really would come to my home for free or for some money.

She asked me today what I wanted to eat and I told her that what I wanted was not offered on the menu. She grinned then moaned that she was too hot for the menu and too pricey too. I'm very interested in her. I'd love to sit next to her and feel her hot body entwine with mine. I'd drink her pee, I'd lick her asshole, I'd suck a dick for her if that is what it took for me to get into her panties. She knows I'd love to take her out. Hmmm...maybe the next time she is my waitress and it is so close to her getting off work, maybe I'll flash her a couple hundred dollar bills and see if she accepts them as payment to her! I'm so hot for her that I'd buy a strap-on for Molly and let her fuck my ass with it. I've often thought that she might be the one that I've dreamed about for so long. I bet she's a hottttt sloppy kisser'm hot-n-sloppy.

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