Why is it so???????  

cummfukmehard 40F
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7/4/2006 2:47 pm

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7/20/2006 8:33 am

Why is it so???????

Why is it so, that guys would have anal sex and refuse to fuck when a womans cycle is on?

Why is it so, that women who say they don't perform oral sex go straight down and give the best head jobs?

Why is it, that people always have to beat around the bush on AdultFriendFinder instead of just saying let fuck?

Just a few question to make you think, lol.

Happy 4th oy july

rm_imakemlaff 63M
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7/4/2006 4:09 pm

if the bird of wisdom is the owl and the bird of freedom is the eagle,and the bird of love is the dove, why isn't the bird of true love the swollow?

darrad77021 51M

7/7/2006 1:51 am

that dude is drunk. lol

cummfukmehard 40F

7/7/2006 3:28 am

lol you're so funny imakemlaff....

and what dude are you talking about barrad77021?

Thanks guys for the post!!!

Dozerboy81 48M
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7/18/2006 2:07 pm

i can honestly say i don`t have a problem screwing around when someone is having their period. i`ve done it many times before, you just have to plan on it being a little messy. i little planning goes a long way. Never had the had the chance to do someone anally yet.

itgray2 54M

7/21/2006 6:25 pm

To respond to, your why is it so. You must recognize all ways of communication. Their just don't know much about those sexual acts. But there's one thing I know that anal sex "You Could Get Sick From", NO NOT JUST AIDS. So on that, I'm willing to fulfill all but anal sexual need or wants.

rm_Some1U_Want 45M/45F
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9/27/2006 8:56 pm

LOL Wow.. Your right I never thought about that. Things that make you go Humm??? I guess so far as the anal thing... I think it's a better deal to be in a shitty situation than a bloody one! LOL
And the girls who go down that says they never go down is the bomb when they do. They just don't want that person to think they are as much as a freaky slut as they want to lead on. Besides that the excitement of Taboo and doing something your not suppose to always makes it more exciting!!! LOL

And I don't have no excuses for those who beat around the bush instead of saying lets fuck. Soo.. "LET'S FUCK!!!" LOL

dicknasty70502 49M

10/4/2006 8:15 am

cummfukmehard i have found that to many people here tend to either cover up their true sexuality in order to refrain from others judgmental minds. as for myself i can honesty say with the right woman not every woman i am a freak proud of it an have no shame because i feel either you love me for me or step on. there is this old saying my mom always told me:".....ONE MAN'S JUNK IS ANOTHER MAN'S TREASURE..." now that is something i have found to be a fact till this day....

rm_bigpony74 43M

12/18/2006 4:15 pm

There is nothing wrong with fucking during a cycle, just a little more messy. ALl I want to do on this sight is fuck many beautiful women. To my understanding that is what this site s for.

rm_trill337 41M

1/22/2007 10:34 am

On the real the pussy ain't going nowhere if you lock it down right... and on the other hand the ass feels just like the pussy "So why go there" lol it's understood that some women will orgasm faster in the ass so.. if that's what she needs give it to her... "The job and done until the woman Cum's" my boy some1 U want hit the head thing on the knob if you know what I mean.... Most men want the oh I never done that type, he just wants to be first... And me personally I'm not a bush better unless it has a hole in the middle... but I am a gentleman and will always give the woman the upper hand and be respectful.... Last thing is Fuck but don't be STUPID....use a rubber it doesn't fell that much different... if you don't use one you might as well gather in a circle with a hundred dudes and rub dicks... and that wouldn't be cool... ya know... DUB's... Tips: Use this moto and you could have a long full life... "It's either laytex or no Sex...." and man you will feel good the next day...

davidsgateway 47M
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7/23/2007 8:01 pm

It's not that all of us just want to fuck, yes I love sex ,and fucking is one of the greatest feeling in the world. Sometimes you do want to know a little something about the person your laying next to. Not many people hear or looking to fall in love, the site is set up primarily for people who want to hook up for sex, or have a open, a very open type of relationship (friendship) with no strings attached. I know that you all want the truth, but you also demand respect !!!!!!. Some of us are simply trying not to offend you buy coming at a complete stranger and saying to her " I want to FUCK your brains out" . What kind of response would you give to a man that came at you like that. Are you going to just throw your legs open and say come on ? I want friends with benefits, not some bitch I meet on line that I may never hear from again. Some time discretion is the greater part of valor. Much love and respect lady's, Do you !

rm_play2543 43M

7/24/2007 11:24 am

As for myself I like to get know peoples interest before I say lets fuck.Fucking is only an email,phone call,and a drive away.I wouldn't say lets fuck from the start because I may short myself if I dont know you enough.Hell you mawanna bring your best friend to fuck with us but I wont know that unless I get to know you a little.

dangerdick56 56M

7/25/2007 2:54 am

Hmmm....good questions.
First, women have always said that they can't fuck because of their cycle. If they had started saying yes earlier, then maybe men would be more accepting of it.
Second, I've never met a woman that said she wouldn't give a blowjob and then gave me one. The ones who wouldn't were always firm about. Maybe I should have tried a little harder?
Third, call ne old-fashioned, but it just seems impolite to ask a complete stranger to fuck without getting to know them a little bit first.
Just my views!

eztouch2003 57M
21 posts
8/10/2007 8:59 pm


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