Diary of a Dancer (chpt.1- Rich Paul)  

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1/17/2006 12:28 pm
Diary of a Dancer (chpt.1- Rich Paul)

I started working as a stripper when I was 18, I was still in highschool and needed the money.It was fun and thrilling. I was so naive at first but I quickly learned how to please men. All guys are different. I had many regulars and each guy like something different about me. I always gave them the girl they desired.

*Paul is older, kind of rich- he's not incredibly attractive but he's sexy as hell. He always smells good and is dressed in stylish, expensive clothes. He drinks vodka martini's and always orders me a "dirty" martini, b/c I'm his little "dirty" girl. He just loves me, or should I say lusts me. He knows my schedule better than I do and is always there when I am working. He always stays for exactly an hour and tips me nothing less than $20's. He wants me to be a certain kind of girl for him. He likes me to be shy, virginal, innocent. I pull my long hair into ponytails for him, w/ bows. He likes me to wear satin or silky costumes, or my schoolgirl/girlscout uniform.
He always asks me about my boyfriends and how far I've gone with them. I play along and pretend I'm a virgin and I'm scared that it would hurt, that I am afraid of guys with big cocks.I tell him that I suck my boyfriend's dick but I'm not sure if I'm doing it right and that I may need a little practice. Sometimes I'd bring a bannana/cucumber or beer bottle and try to deep throat it, then I ask him if I did it right.
He touches my pussy, through the g-string sometimes, but b/c he's a gentleman he always asks first. I think the reason why Paul never stays too long is b/c his dick is hard the whole time and I guess he can't take it anymore. He's told me that he jerks off in his car in the parking lot before going home to his wife. One day I might just help him out. Paul always brings me something nice, like pretty shoes or silk panties, even jewlery. He likes giving gifts.
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1/17/2006 1:15 pm

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