Diary of a Dancer, Chpt. 3 - TROY  

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1/24/2006 8:23 pm
Diary of a Dancer, Chpt. 3 - TROY

Then there is Troy. Troy is a tall, dark skinned guy in his 30's. He’s like one of those gangsta guys, who dresses really nice with a lot of expensive jewelry around his neck. He comes in to shoot pool a lot and pretends like he doesn’t care if I dance for him or not. He kinda treats me bad, but I know I turn him on. He tips me, but I always have to do something for him. Either bend over the pool table or stick my leg up on the pool table and pull my g-string aside to show him some pink. If he’s sitting , he always wants me to sit on his lap and grind my ass on his cock. Once in a while I let him slip a finger in- just to keep him interested.
Troy acts like he doesn’t want me to distract him from his pool game, especially when all his friends are there, but sometimes when he’s by himself he sits right up front to watch my show and that’s when I really put on a show for him- to keep him coming back.
I’ve never had a black man but always fantasized about it. In my fantasy, Troy would sit me on the pool table, I can feel the green felt on my naked ass. He would spread my legs open, grab a pool ball and try to stick it up my pussy, rubbing it on there until it got really wet, making it easier to slide in. He would whisper in my ear that if I can fit the whole ball, then I can handle the head of his cock. Eager to see it, I grab his crotch, the gigantic bulge tells me, he is for real.
Suddenly, his friends show up and I am now laying on the pool table naked while 5 guys stand around me with their cocks out. I have chalk all on me and I don’t even care. I take all 5 of them.
I straddle Troy on the table, while his equally big friend comes up behind me and sticks his dick up my ass. I lean forward taking 2 dicks at once while sucking the 3rd guy. I reach with both my hands to jerk off the other 2. And this goes on until they are ready to cum. Like dominos, they all cum at once, all over my naked body as I lay on the pool table. Cum on my face, in my hair, my mouth, all over my tits, my belly, and some on my pussy. Ah, that is my complete Troy fantasy. Maybe, one day.

Coming soon, Chpt. 4- My Ryan

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