Chapter 2- Dita, another stripper  

cumluver619 42F
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1/21/2006 8:08 pm
Chapter 2- Dita, another stripper

I remember the first night I ever worked with Dita. That bitch stole my favorite black velvet mesh bra! She is hot though so I forgave her. We have a love-hate relationship. We are attracted to each other but she is a slutty bitch who would do anything to get all the attention from the regulars, including blowing them in the parking lot for $20 and letting them stick their whole hand up her pussy, when she walks around to get her tips. The bar we worked at together doesn’t offer couch dancing so, we all do what we can to make some extra cash but Dita took it to the extreme.
She is shorter than me, with a tight athletic body. She has short black hair and amber eyes. She’s Spanish so she has that exotic look with beautiful dark skin. She wears really sheer outfits so you can see her shaved pussy right through her panties and they always look wet. She dances to hip hop so I never had a problem with her stealing my music, but she did give me good competition with some of the guys. Especially our boss, Michael. I caught her sucking his dick in the storage closet. Some girls use it as a dressing room, if the bathroom is too crowded. I would go back their to smoke a joint before a set. It’s filled with full and empty beer cases, smells like stale beer and smoke, its just nasty. So, I go back to get high and I hear moaning in the back behind a stack of beer cases, I quietly move towards the sounds to investigate. I saw a side view of them. He was sitting on a stack of cases with his pants down, his big dick was in her mouth and she was slobbering all over it. He had his head back in ecstasy while reaching his arm to rub her ass and pussy, then putting his hand in front of his nose to smell her and his fingers in his mouth to taste her juices. No wonder her panties were always wet. I was slightly turned on myself watching them in action. When he came, she swallowed it all and only had to wipe the corners of her mouth from the little bit of cum that spilled out. He had his pants up in a flash and was out of there. I stayed hidden until she left too. I smoked my joint and thought about that all night while I danced, making my sets very erotic and sensual because I was so horny. After that I started noticing that she was getting all the good bookings, Friday and Sat, prime nights. I made a point of saying aloud, “who do you have to blow in here to get all the good shifts?” I wasn’t too worried I still was his top girl, even if I wouldn’t sleep with him, not that he didn’t constantly try. I also had another bar I stripped at so I didn’t really care. I just got stuck working with her a lot, which just meant I had to be more risque than I liked to be. Showing more pink to my guys and letting them cop more feels than usual. I never kissed or fucked her like I did some of the other girls. I think if I did, we’d have some crazy, passionate sex! I’d treat that bitch like the whore that she is and make her tongue fuck my pussy real good!

rm_wmneill 43M

3/29/2009 12:34 am

id love to know where you guys work! sounds like a great place!

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