Sensual Taste  

cuminunow00 48M
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7/20/2006 6:48 pm
Sensual Taste

Gently kissing your tender lips , tongues caressing sweet taste of your mouth. Nibbling your ears and whispering softly , telling you my intimate thoughts of you. Kissing your neck and every inch down to your firm breasts. Sucking , nibbling your erect nipples softly caressing. Following down to your stomach as you slowly part your legs. Licking , kissing , nibbling tasting your sweet nectar as your moans and sighs follow through your body. Connecting our bodies as one in passion , sweat runs not missing a drop , arms and legs wrapped around , hands caressing , our lips meet in a passionate kiss until we release collapsing in each others arms. Still connected not wanting to break our connection.

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