Afternoon fun  

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9/20/2005 9:10 am

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Afternoon fun

The offer I told you about:

I went up to his private office...locked the door behind me and started unbuttoning my breasts were already spilling out of my black satin bra so I removed it. My always upright nipples were even more rigid knowing that he was watching my every move. I sat, placed my stiletto shod feet on the edge of his skirt slid down my legs and gave him a ringside view of my wet, dripping pussy.

He reached over to his phone and told his secretary that he was not to be disturbed for any reason.

He said to me, "That's right. You came when I called you. Glad to see you can follow my orders." He walked around his desk. I could see the bulge in his trousers demanding to be free. He unzipped his zipper, told me to open my mouth and service him. I slid his throbbing dick in my hot mouth, ran my tongue all around it, up and down, paying particular attention to its head and tip all the while gently massaging his balls. He grabbed my hair and began fucking my face shoving in so deeply sometimes that I'd choke. My pussy, exposed to the cool air of his office, was steaming and dripping on the carpet....needing that cock, not in my face, but in it's waiting depths. He realized that and pulled out of my mouth. He raised me to my feet, lifted me up, and impaled me on his dick. Then, kissing me, he laid me down on the leather sofa and began fucking me as I'd never, in all my days of whoredom, ever been fucked. He came with a moan and lay across me. But only for a moment. He told me I was to lay back on his desk with my legs up and parted wide. He wanted to see the cum drip out of my pussy. Then, I felt his mouth on me, licking me, gently sucking and nibbling on my clit. Then more firmly.....sucking all his cum and all my juices...driving me wild....writhing on his desk as he held my legs and furiously licked, sucked and ate me.....i tried to warn him that i was anything but quiet when i came.....i've tried.....just can't be.....he assured me that it was Not a one could hear me but him and he wanted to hear me scream.....I came with a loud cry and he kept on eating me, not letting me stop...finally he climbed on top and slammed his once again hard cock into my spasming pussy. I cried out with the intensity of it. He continued slamming himself into me until we both came again and we collapsed into each other.
After a minute, he gently took my face in his hands and kissed me deeply. He got up, straightened his clothing, ever the elegant executive. He said, "Well done. I think you've got the job. I've looked for a woman for this job for a long time. No one has the delicious blend of intelligence, experienced nastiness, or been as much of a risk taker as you." He smiled. "Yes, this will be a fun partnership. Remember, when I call, you come. Tell no one about our agreement. Always have a bag packed in case I need you to go with me on one of my business trips. Wouldn't do for the boss to be unfulfilled on one of his overnight trips. Also, you never know when I might need you to take care of a friend of mine."
"As much as I enjoy looking at your naked body, I do have work to do. Get up, clean up the mess we made, get dressed and go. Don't forget to always have your phone on and with you. I Will call you and you Will come. Understood?" I said I did and began straightening and dressing. I kissed him, unlocked the door, and left......dripping on the carpet as I went.....

rm_thickone733 43M
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9/20/2005 10:07 am

sounds like you enjoy taking commands!!! very nice...I know there are some commands I'd like to give you....

okc_joe 51M  
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9/20/2005 10:13 am

WOW.... what a very hot story.... damn, I need a cold shower now

rm_24tu4us 56M/53F

9/21/2005 4:22 am

I am ready to interview you. Cum right over!!

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