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Dreams can be very interesting and tell many things about what's going on inside of you. I guess it tells you things that might be hidden behind the mask you usually show yourself (I suddenly remembered that my blog is supposed to be about masks ... so I thought I should make the connection ) I usually enjoy my dreams alot (except for the scary ones!) and sometimes learn something from them.

Last night I had some interesting dreams, I'm not sure if it's two dreams that I remember or just two parts of the same dream.

In the first I'm sitting at a table looking into a basement room, a moment later I'm in the room with two women (I bet I'd get more hits if I made the title "Dreams of threesomes"! ) I start kissing one and holding hands with the other, but then I had to go home. At least one of the two reminded me of someone I knew a long time ago (like 10+ years).

In the second I started inside a pool or a canal filled with fish (note: not a sea! ) I was scared of getting bitten or eaten by a big fish I saw, so I swam to the side and got out. As I did, the fish, which seemed to be chasing me, veered off, became much smaller and gobbled up a tiny one. I seemed to recall hunting and catching a big fish (for dinner?) in another (the same?) dream.

Once on the side of the indoor canal, I saw some dolphin swimming towards me, I was quite excited (not like that silly ) when it swam beside me and brushed against me. I also saw some whales swiming around. I think it was some belugas - you know, Delphinapterus leucas. (Yeah right! as if I didn't look on google to find that!) Anyway ... I got a bit scared, but still excited, so I tried to escape along the edge of the pool, some people wouldn't let me so I went back to my spot and just let myself enjoy watching, even with that tinge of fear.

Soon after that it seemed like the belugas might have been stranded and so, with the help of the other citizens of the indoor canal, I (yes I was the leader) tried to figure out a way to help the belugas out of the canal back into the open ocean.

"Yawn! Wow that sure was in interesting dream sequence!"

Care to analyze?

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