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6/23/2005 2:01 am

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Not understood

Somewhat confused!!!

I went through 2 really bad marriages. Women don't want you to be happy when you are with them. They don't want you to be happy without them. They love you for what you are when you meet, them then they want to mold you to their idea of a perfect man. The only perfect man died on a cross. Whazzup???

I had rather be with a woman than a man, but a man is straight forward. He is here for one thing. Sex. No problems, no questions, just sex. No asking if he respects you in the morning. If there is to be a second time, he will let you know. I am bi because of all the head games women play. What the fuck are you women wanting? I still like eating pussy as much as any man.

I had much rather be eating a nice ladies pussy than sucking a cock. Feed me the pussy without the headgames and I will never suck another cock, unless that is what my lady want's. I am 53 and don't have time for any more headgames!!!!!!!!!!!

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