Cheating...Loyalty.... TRUST..... faith..... ultimate love  

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5/13/2006 9:43 pm

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Cheating...Loyalty.... TRUST..... faith..... ultimate love

We have been seeking others to play with us, but we've been going at it from different directions. Liz is seeking out Couples with Bi F's so she/we can play with the F but the M part of the other Couple would only watch ( I don't want M Dom's with my wife). I've been looking for a Bi F to join us, the F NOT part of a Couple. My thinking is asking the M part of the Couple NOT to participate is cruel and disrespectful; We get to use your sub/wife/GF/woman but you can't touch Mine. I feel Liz is seeking a Couple because she worries I'm seeking a F for Me, as my past Man-Ho days worries her. We also come from Ex's who Cheated on us... so TRUST is very hard to give... and earn.

I love her deeply, she knows this because I tell her several times a day AND I have given up my Man-Ho (dating multiple woman at the same time; it is/was SO easy to date multiple women at the same time,, but I always felt emptiness in My heart..... emptiness in my soul) ways for her.... without her having to asking me to. When SHE came into my life.... everything changed in fantastic wonderful positive ways....... I can't/won't go back to that loneliness.... it would kill me... kill the core person who I truly am..... the man that breathes because of Liz. We are on the phone 10-18 hours a day.... I'm NOT kidding! LOL! She KNOWS I'm not a Man-ho anymore more....

So my question to all.....

How can I completely gain her Trust?


What have you done to gain the tust of THE ONE you Love?

Why is Trust so important to us?

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