crowning 33F
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7/8/2006 8:31 am

feel the hot breathe on your neck and the possesive wanting kisses on your throat. with eyes closed you are taken away into a whole new world of nothingness but pure desires and the need of pleasure fulfilments.

Flashes of red on black background. and occasional thought of a bouquet of roses or bodies pressed againts the wall, the floor, soft fluffy white cushion with satin covers on the bed. Skin against skin of sinful indulgence.

nothing is more real than the nibble, rubbing of nipples on raw chest and the hardening of manhood on soft cozy warm home *giggles*.

gasping for breathe...

take me to nirvana.
where the earthly, real problems don't exist.
Just, you, me and this white space with arched backs, a whole lot of sweat, shaking limbs and satisfaction.

I'd love to love you.

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