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7/17/2006 6:27 pm

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This weekend I was on vacation in NJ/NYC....It had been 5 months since I had gone back. For me thats alot and I have agreed to not go up more than twice a year, but thats for another post somewhere else..

During this trip I hung out with my friend QueensBoy and it was the first time that there was potential for more than friends activity.

I knew I was attracted to him but not overly and I couldnt tell if he was attracted to me or it was just the normal horny guy thing.

But this trip it was kinda implied he might try more. I was hesistant cause I didnt want to ruin a friendship with something as trivial as sex.

We ended up not having sex but we played around. It was like a tour visit. We got to play and see what we liked and didnt like. He respected my wishes and it didnt go too far.

Some perks...he's a good kisser of the gentle approach variation, he's great with his hands(im sure his occupation has alot to do with it), he's affectionate even when others are watching, he has a full head of hair( i thought that didnt exist after a certain age), AND most importantly

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