cristale75 42F
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6/23/2006 6:04 pm

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6/25/2006 12:03 pm


I wonder who out there has my problem.

Between post break-up arguments me and the ex BF have talked about all things we prolly should have when we were trying to work things out. Oh, well.

Oddly enough our conversation ended up at the sex. Why ? Who the fuck knows but he commented on my nipples...He said he always thought it odd that mine went in instead of out. He said he had never seen that before. I refuse to believe thats 'different' from other females.

How often does this happen to other people ?

YouWILLCum4me 45M
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6/24/2006 9:38 pm

honey, don't even worry.. although the last time i saw that was when i was 13, i did read up on it.. no big deal.

you're just a unique gem hiding among pirate's treasure that gets overlooked until you're found by the -right person- who'll appreciate you for what you are.

thank you for being you and thank you for asking what we thought.

if i could kiss em to show you, i would!


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