Missing AFF  

cristale75 42F
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4/26/2006 7:22 pm
Missing AFF

Ive been gone over a month and I go and look at my mail and not much of anything...poohoo!!!

I got back with an ex, not so much cause I was head over heels over but more for the companionship. I think we'll be ok if he doesnt make anymore stinkie remarks(not about me but NJBC). I hate racial slurs. My ex and I had issues with my procedure(aug) and it took its toll on our relationship. A little distance I hope will have cleared his head. He cant hold that against me forever, can he? Well I hope not.
Im done thinking about it.

I tried to get new playmates when me and my ex broke up but I couldnt. It always missed something. I missed the familiarity of 'knowing' the person and them knowing my desires. That happens when you've known someone for 15 yrs or so. He and I have seen each through marriages and divorces and kids. He is like that safety blanky you cant quit get rid of.
So even though the sex is aight I am with him for the familiarity.

I was surprised though that he ok'd my AdultFriendFinder activities. Unfortunately Im on a can see but cant touch status.

I wonder though how long this can last on familiarity and not so much in that WOW feeling ?

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