A new oldie but good way to masturbate  

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2/25/2006 8:26 pm

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A new oldie but good way to masturbate

Today I had a break from my responsibilites(im back in fla) and I decided to release some stress, manually.

I have gotten a lil weirded out lately on how Ive needed to think of very 'kinky' stuff to get to that ohh so lovely place. So after my first go at masturbating I decided my second I would attempt a different approach. I would do something I havent done since I first discovered the joys of masturbation....

I laid on my back,legs wide open. I began by lightly touching the pussy hole, more like carressed it. I started to imagine my pussy and what it looked it like as I slowly opened the pussy lips. I let my pointer finger and middle finger feel around the sides of the pussy walls. I let my fingers slide up and down the slit up until right before the clit area. I wanted to make sure the build up was slow. I find that I cum too fast if I touch the clit too soon or too much.
I repeated this till all i could think of was needing to feel something inside of me. A nice hard cock would have come in handy but instead I put my finger in and with that just the tip and finger fucked myself.
Im not a screamer but I sure moaned deeply.

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