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12/7/2005 8:57 pm

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Could you give me just one look
just one look thats all it took

That's all it took to get me on your hook
I was on your hook as the world around us shook.
I was trembling with adolecent desire
My desirers were on fire

I needed more and so did you
How about a back rub will that do
I rubbed your back and as you moaned
I filled with satisfaction and groaned

Did I do a good job I wanted to know
I wanted more and for this relationship to grow
I was rewarded with a kiss
a kiss that filled me with bliss

Can you teach me anymore
it's the attention that I adore
We have to hide what we do
they won't understand and might hurt you

I promise I will not say
and maybe we can play another day
you tought me oh so much
if sex was alchohol I'd be a lush

The sensations were like nothing I could compare
The closeness to you I couldn't share
Now I have to go and you won't be there
I crave the attention, it's not fair

I will search for that attention
because without it I feel like I'm in suspension
I feel empty with out you
I need to be love even if it's not by you

So I'll search and search and search
I'll take who ever comes first.

They may not be right for me
but it's the attention I desire see
Once I have it I'm in love
I'd do anything for my beautiful dove.

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