crazylady20072 45F
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5/25/2006 7:45 am

Oh Hell! … I'm starting to think like a man,
I'm considering the prospect of getting a wife,
A someone to do all of those things,
Mundane or trivial in my life,
Somehow they don't seem quite so insubstantial,
When I have to manage them myself,
They become an ordeal … I get stressed out,
Symptoms manifested through deteriorating health.

I need a someone to be my a pressure relief valve,
Activated by their desire to please,
Solve piddling problems before they arise,
A someone to pre-empt my every need,
A someone to give me comfort,
A someone who is always on my side,
A someone who shares my interpretation of Love,
A someone in whom I can confide.

I'd appreciate a someone who'd be my oil painting,
While I was their Dorian Gray,
I would continue to glow with wholesome vitality,
Meanwhile … they would grow old … rot and decay,
A someone to suffer my illnesses,
To worry for me when I have woes,
Feel my pain … become exhausted,
Fight meaningless battles against insignificant foes.

But … when I think of about getting a someone,
It brings memories back to mind,
Of when I was someone else's someone,
Times when I felt hopelessly trapped and confined,
By a thankless self-important tyrant,
Dependent on my willingness to serve,
Never satisfied by my considerable efforts,
Telling me that I was getting everything that I deserved.

So although a someone may make my life simpler…
I'm much better off to stay alone,
Without a someone to make unhappy,
No someone to call my own,
A lonely frustrated Lifestyle,
Far removed from marital bliss,
Thus … after analysing my options,
I've decided to definitely give that someone a miss!

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