Superman! Why the World Need Superman!  

crashburnt 40M
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7/8/2006 12:12 am
Superman! Why the World Need Superman!

Straight after work yesterday... my wife and I headed to the cinema trying catch CARS before its gone. Sure it was gone by the time we got there... so we settled for Superman. Wow! I felt like a kid again! Enjoying every moment of the imminent tragedies saved by Superman. I knew for sure he will pop somewhere and save the day. I'm not a kid anymore in real terms. The best part I love about this movie is not the antics, flying around, looking good. My favourite part is when Superman took Louis Lane into the sky and asked her why she wrote the award winning piece 'Why the World Do Not Need Superman'... he said (not the exact word), 'you said that the world do not need Superman, but I am always hearing them cry out for a saviour.' Superman's words struck me! I am glad I do not need to hear all the cries for help. But if a bomb was to go off in a MRT carrying thousands with my wife among them, I will be the one crying for a saviour... SUPERMAN!

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