3rd encounter continued  

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4/1/2005 11:03 am

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3rd encounter continued

After the very relaxing massage, Daddy and I
got in the hottub while our generous host went
and got us lunch, BBQ was delish! After lunch
we went back to the massage table and both gentlemen worked me over, it was fantastic.
Daddy slipped a blindfold on me, so I laid
there with 2 sets of lips, 4 hands rubbing,
kneading, pinching. licking, sucking me all
over. I had cocks shoved in my mouth, fingers
in my holes, balls rubbed in my face. God,
it was fantastic. I loved it.

after I came a dozen or more times I was allowed
to rest and then we moved to the bedroom
for more sucking, licking and some wonderful
fucking, They did any and everything they wanted to me. it was truely wonderful. I was exhausted and soooooooo satisfied by the end of the day. We will be going back to see that man again!

I hope we can find more men in S Tn, W Ga or
N Al that can host us for a weekend of delicious
and fantasy fulfilling SEX!

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