The First Time You Really Knew  

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6/12/2006 8:26 pm

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The First Time You Really Knew

I have always believed that every male out there at one time or another has at least had a bisexual thought. This is about the time when I realized it was more than a thought.

First of all I will tell you there had been times with my girlfriend and later my wife when we had experimented and fantasized. We had talked about adding another guy to our fun. This talk came about when we added a dildo to our usual fun at first. Later a strap on was added. Won't go into detail on that here as it is not the main topic.

In between marriages, yes I was unattached for all of you that frown on cheating, I was working out of town. One night I was out and an extremely attractive and sexy Hispanic lady caught my eye. She was about 5'7" tall with red hair and sultry eyes. She was wearing a tight dress that barely covered her very shapely backside and had the most magnificent breasts bulging out of the deep slit at the top that I had seen in some time.

After a time I said to myself "What the hell" and asked her to dance. Was that ever a smart move. She teased me any and every way that you can on a dance floor without getting arrested (at least in a public club). She ran her fingers up my thigh and just brushed my growing hardness a couple of times before she actually stopped for a squeeze. By that time, of course, my hands had worked their way over her tight ass and shortly after that worked up to her (what I confirmed later) 40DD breasts and her hard as a rock nipples. It wasn't long until we left.

We went back to her house. She led me from the front door on a tour that ended in her bedroom. She showed me her king sized bed as her arm went around my waist and pulled me around to her. We kissed passionately and the next thing I knew I was striped completely down and she was pulling her dress straps off her shoulders to expose two of the most magnificent breasts capped by some of the biggest and hardest nipples I had ever seen.

She pushed me back so that I was sitting on the bed and knelt before me. She leaned down and flicked her tongue out to lick the head of my now very hard cock before proceeding down and up my shaft. She slowly worked her way back up to the head and in one smooth motion took me in her mouth and very slowly working her lips down as she took my entire length into her mouth and throat. She did this for a bit, alternating between that and working my shaft up an down between her breasts, before pushing me back on the bed on my back. Saying she would be back in a minute as she left the room.

I lay there with my eyes closed not believing what I had stumbled into. Little did I know. I felt movement at the side of the bed above my head and opened my eyes. She was standing at the side of the bed with a knee on either side of my head and was in the process of leaning over. She was obviously zeroing in on my manhood with her mouth as she reached down grasped it and slowly stroked it in her hand. As I gazed up above me I saw something that took me totally by sup rise. There was a cock as big and hard as mine, if not bigger. She was at least 8"!

As she? leaned forward to take me into her mouth her own equipment got closer and closer to mine. At the last minute I thought "What the hell" and let the head slip into my mouth. The feeling was absolutely fantastic! It was so hard but so smooth. She took me into her mouth just a second or two before I did the same to her. When she heard me moan she gave her hips a little push and moaned in approval as I took her length in. I felt her get harder and longer as her shaft slowly slid into my mouth. It was absolutely fantastic! I thought "This is why some ladies love to suck cock!"

She pumped her hips up and down which served to do the same with her growing harder by the minute cock as she worked me over like I have had only a few times in my life. I could feel her growing harder as I worked my lips and tongue over her. I reached back and grabbed her firm ass in my hands and pulled her deeper, taking her completely into the back of my throat. This was turning out to be very, very good but I didn't realize that the best was yet to come!

She pulled back and stood up as she reached down to take my hand. She moved to the foot of the bed and led me there. She gently pushed me down to my knees in front of her, reached out and placed one hand on either side of my head and pulled me to her as she said "Make me hard so I can fuck you!'

For some reason that really turned me on and I sucked her for all I was worth. That was the first time I learned, without actually trying, that I could take something that large in entirely. As I worked my way up and down her length she directed my attention to a full length mirror at the foot of the bed that I had not noticed before. It's reflection showed me to be sucking on this very large, very beautiful cock as I reached up to play with her very large, firm breasts with their hard nipples.

I surprised myself when I told her to "Fuck me please!" She responded by moving me so that I was sitting on the edge of the bed. She then pushed me back so that I was lying down. She knelt in front of me and immediately pushed my legs back and plunged her tongue into my ass. Oh my god, that was out of this world. Watching her do that as she stared up at me over my now stiff cock with those big dark eyes! To make a long story short, she held stood up and pushed my legs in the air as she reached down to work her hard shaft up into me and proceeded to fuck me very deep with long, slow strokes as I wrapped my legs around her and pulled her into me. As she did this I realized that I was totally and completely bi as I wrapped my legs around her to try to pull her in deeper! They seemed to do it all on their own. I was just so damned good!

I found myself begging for her to fuck me harder! I didn't think she could but she did! As she fucked me she reached down and stroked my rigid cock. After a bit she pulled away and said she wanted to be fucked as well.

We switched places and I started by rimming her out as she had done me. I could feel her hips moving as I ate her ass and readied her for my cock! Finally I slipped it into her, long and slow until I felt her start to ride me. I held her legs up as she stocked her cock and played with her breasts.

It wasn't long until she said that she was ready to cum. I looked down at her furiously stocking her beautiful hard cock and found myself drawn to it. I leaned down and took her into my mouth as she started to cum. I felt the first hot jet of cum spurt out of her and took her entire length into my mouth. Just feeling her shaft throb as more and more cum shot into my mouth was more than I could stand and I came powerfully into her tight ass.

There had been a few women that I had been with previously that absolutely loved to take me in their mouth when I came and now I knew why. To feel the shaft and head of her cock as she came and to feel her hot cum shot into my mouth was just a complete turn on for me. Not to mention the taste, which I'd had before when I'd kissed a lady who'd just taken me in her mouth or I'd gone down on after I came inside her. This was definitely different though and so, so much better!

We held each other in our arms and kissed passionately afterwards. I was not the last time we were together. It was, and was not, the most exciting, but this was the first time I realized that I was truely bisexual. That was without a doubt a turning point! I realized that I really and truely loved pussy but there was just something about a nice hard, throbbing cocK!

Would love to hear about similar experiences you have had. Not to mention, making a few of them come true!

AdmanLinenRafts 62M/52F

12/2/2008 11:51 am

Loved the story Makes you think !!!!!!

rm_edandval2 53M/41F
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3/2/2009 8:39 am

Love the story..
really makes one think also if it feels good do it I guess.
What happens now in your life?

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